The mystery of the durian!

This is a pictorial tutorial of my way of dispatching a durian.

In Mesh Bag

The durian comes in a mesh bag complete with hanger. I don’t know what the hanger is for because the Asian market where I shop keeps the King of Fruit in a freezer in boxes. If someone knows, leave me a comment.


The durian is freed from its mesh prison and is awaiting its fate.

Swirled End

This is the spot the nice lady at the Asian market pointed out to me as what I should look for to show me where the “line” is that shows where the fruit will split.

Found the Split

My way of finding the split is a little different. I wrap it in a towel like she told me so I won’t impale my hand on a spike, then place the durian on the floor, swirly part down, and lean on it until something gives. You can see the split.


To open it the rest of the way, I put my fingers into the split and pry the sections apart. Then I pull the other sections apart. The pods are visible at this point and they smell wonderful. Don’t listen to the people who say, “EEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW! That smells like old gym socks!”


The pods have been removed.


Here are the delicious pods, ready to eat. There’s a large seed inside each pod that I don’t eat. I have heard that it’s edible but I’ve also heard it’s carcinogenic. Since I don’t want to take a chance, I let the seeds grace the compost pile.

The Food Hunter says that the durian keeps its unique qualities when frozen better than other fruits. I figure that’s because it’s frozen whole. It’s an amazing experience. Everyone should try durian at least once in a lifetime.