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I’m Back?

Just a quick update before I go to bed. My energy level is increasing and the headaches and other symptoms are fewer and fewer. The tremor is still hanging around but it isn’t as bad as it once was. Last Monday, there was an open house for the four retiring doctors. I went over right […]

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Doctors, Doctors

Doctors are necessary. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to frequent their establishments other than to get the occasional prescription for my thyroid medication but that wasn’t to be. The gas logs are still unlit. I’m afraid to crank them up even though the cold weather could justify the cozy warmth. If my carbon monoxide […]

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More Health Issues

When I talked to my naturopath several weeks ago, he wanted me to have my labs run for comparison to the previous ones. I called my PCP’s office and, through the nurse, he agreed to order them. All the essentials were done and here are the results: If you can’t read the small print, click […]

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Another Phone Consult

I didn’t update about the status of my health last week. It’s just as well since I have more news. I’ve been walking faithfully, Monday – Friday, and doing at least 2.5 miles and 3 on the days I get to the track early enough. Weekends, I BodyFlex and rebound on my Cellerciser. Wednesday, I […]

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I Shot Myself in the Leg

It’s Sunday, September 12, 2010 and DS1’s 46th birthday. I picked an unusual way to celebrate. I shot myself in the leg. It was no accident. It was a calculated thing. I got out my vial of B-12, a syringe, alcohol prep pads and a plastic water bottle. I had already thoroughly washed my hands. […]

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The Condition My Condition is In

Just a brief update! It’s so nice to be able to answer “Fine!” or “I’m doing very well” when asked, “How are you?” I know that isn’t a phrase that people use to actually get the status of your health, but just a couple months ago, I would answer in a positive way and think, […]

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No More B-12?

I was having trouble getting in to my PCP’s office to get my B-12 shots twice weekly. Either no one was there who could give me the shot or they were so swamped, they couldn’t fit me in. Finally, last Friday (August 13—Friday the 13th!) I called on the back line from the hospital to […]

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Another Week on the Protocol

Sounds kind of like it should be a river or something, doesn’t it? The combination of what I’m doing sees me getting better and better with each passing day. I have all but given up on the glutathione. My doctor asked me last week when I was going to get him some info about it […]

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Glutathione? Maybe/Probably Nope

Last Monday, I did talk to my PCP about glutathione. I emailed him a couple of links including this one. He reserved his comments until he could look at them. Taking a deep breath, I told him when I was in Seattle, my headaches hadn’t gotten any better and there was the troublesome tremor. I […]

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Glutathione, I Hope

Despair had just about set in when I was trying to find a naturopath in the state of Tennessee. I kept Google on overtime and kept at it until I found this site. The information there is going on five years old but I haven’t come across anything that says it isn’t still current. The […]

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