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My Square Foot Garden: Mourning

This is the first week I haven’t gotten out on a Wednesday or Thursday evening to take pictures of my garden. If you continue on, I’ll tell you why. Last Sunday, I got up admitting defeat. The blight had taken over my tomatoes and my life. I spent so much time on trying to save […]

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My Square Foot Garden: It’s a Sad Hour.

My father-in-law would use that phrase whenever he wanted to express something happening that wasn’t a good thing. He wouldn’t pronounce it “hour”, though. It was “ARE”. And it is a sad are. He knew how to say it correctly but it seemed to be a more depressed statement being mispronounced. Here’s the sad state […]

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My Square Foot Garden Pictorial

If you put your pointer on each picture, you can see what it represents. The biggest cuke is about five inches long already. I can almost see it grow. I bought the cage you can see in the background at the Farmers’ Co-Op for $5. A little steep for a tad of wire but it […]

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Square Foot Garden: Coffee, Anyone?

I’m on the lookout for free amendments for my garden. One of the ladies from the church went to an organic gardening workshop put on my the local conference but everything they mention has to be bought. I want FREE. I need to pay nada nothing zero dollars. I started Googling again when a couple […]

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Square Foot Garden: Urine or Mine?

I will go to any lengths (within reason) to have good results with my Square Foot Garden this year. Last year, it was too much in the shade plus I don’t think it was an excellent mix, either. With my neighbors’ help, I believe this will be much better. Sometimes it needs a little more, […]

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