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NEWS FLASH! I have some new toys over on the right side of this page, right above the counter. As you can see, the page itself has a new look with the Nav Bar turned off. The site search wasn’t working, anyway, so why have it there? I’ve put in a site search tool and […]

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I’ve been uploading pictures on top of pictures this evening. And now I find that “search this blog” doesn’t work any more. So…when I get them all uploaded, the real work will start. I guess I’ll have to go through the posts one by one and find where the pictures are supposed to be and […]

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Not long to write about today but there isn’t much to report, anyway. I measured and am down by something like a quarter of an inch. Since my salt binge, my weight was up a pound but I’m sure that’s fluid. Did all of my exercises. Breakfast was a banana/mango/red leaf lettuce/romaine smoothie. I sunned […]

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Here comes Twinkle, nosing around again. She was hissing at me earlier. I’d been out to look at the fig tree and I don’t know what I might have stepped in. After an episode like that, she acts embarrassed and tries to make up with me. It was 10:17 when I got in bed last […]

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I told my Mastery buddy that I was going to try to get to bed earlier tonight. I’ve fooled around and it won’t be earlier, though I trust it will still be on time. Last night, it was 10:15 on the dot when I got in bed. I got up late, though, and only had […]

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I’ve been playing around with WordPress like my son-in-law told me to and am getting short of time to blog. It doesn’t look like it will be any problem to switch once I get everything set up the way I want it. That’s the thing, though–setting it up. It’s getting to be a habit, going […]

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First of all, there are a couple of things that I forgot to blog last night. I’d worn my new off-white slacks and got some blueberry juice on the leg. I stopped at the supermarket (or what passes for one) and bought some peroxide. I had to use it twice but it took the stain […]

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I keep trying and trying to get my old URL back but some way it’s locked and I can’t. I guess there are people who have no idea where I’ve disappeared to but I’m still here! Maybe they can do a search and find me like they did in the beginning. I can only hope. […]

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I’d forgotten that I ate some cashews after I dumped the rest of the dip and salad yesterday. I was so sleepy I could hardly hold my eyes open. Sure made a difference in the way I felt. I made it to bed before 10:15 last night. I’m going to have to hurry so I […]

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I have less than a half hour to blog and be in bed. One of my goals for the next two weeks is to have 10:15 as my bedtime. This morning, I was awake and ready to rumble at my usual weekday time since I’d gotten mostly a full night’s sleep. I measured and hadn’t […]

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