Before & During Pictures

Before and During

These pictures are still sprinkled throughout my blog. To make it easier to see the transition, I thought I would gather them all onto one page. There are lots of them here and they take a long time to load if you are on dialup. Be patient. Go make a smoothie. Eat some bananas or go to the market for some mangos. When you come back, you may be able to see them. Note: I call it “Before and During” because I’m not dead yet. If a picture is underlined, it’s “clickable”. If you click on it, it will open up full size.

One other note: I don’t have makeup on in any of the “During” pictures. The color (or lack of it) is all mine. Except on Halloween–I drew the whiskers and nose with an eyebrow pencil. The only thing I put on my face after my shower is cold-pressed coconut oil.

This is the one picture that isn’t anywhere else in my blog. I’m posting it to prove that I was once a slim person, pre-hypothyroidism. It wasn’t more than a year or so after this that I started gaining weight. I was probably at about 122 in this picture taken at the Christmas party in December, 1997. The man on the right is the then administrator and he’s presenting me with my 10 year service award. The Human Resources Coordinator found this picture in my file.

December 1997

And then…a mere three and a half years later:

Puffy and Sluggish

June 2001 just before the declaration by my brother-in-law that I was “puffy and sluggish”. That’s what hypothyroidism will do to you. My daughter is the beautiful young lady on the right.


NYC in May 2005. I was there for my daughter’s wedding. A little better but still overweight and pushing 190 pounds. The picture on the left was one month and two days before I started eating 100% raw. I didn’t have a clue where I was headed or that I would be putting my pictures out on the World Wide Web for anyone and everyone to see.

Full Frontal Fat Full Fontal Fat

Doncha just love the stark photos you find on these raw food sites? The one on the left was taken on July 30, 2005, just over a month after I started eating 100% raw on June 24. I felt a lot better than I looked. The one on the right was from the next month, August 27.


I decided I would do a picture with my belly relaxed and another with it “sucked in” to see what the difference would be. Not much, huh?


This is the next month–August 27.


Here we go with July, August, and September 24, all in a row.


Then the relaxed and sucked in for September.


Now, this is really scary–a quartet of me. The last picture is from October 25, 2005.

And here are the different stomach poses from the same date. I never got around to taking pictures for November 2005.

Before and During

It was a wonderful way to spend Christmas Eve!

Twins 122405

I could have given Santa a run for his money.

Before and During

This is getting monotonous. Not a whole lot of change visible but I still dressed in the same garb on January 29.

Stomach time again!


Now, that’s better. Street clothes for a change! This was still January 29.

Before and During 022606

And now we are up to February 26. I’d washed and dried that tired old tank top and it “drawed up”. I ditched it for a camisole. Not much of an improvement.

Who on earth cares about my stomach, anyway? It was at this point I decided to quit taking pictures monthly.


This is breaking out of the mold of the dour-looking mug shots.

Full Frontal Fat Full Frontal Fat 062406

Even though the one on the right looks almost the same, it isn’t. It was taken four months later on my first anniversary, June 24, 2006. I think I had something to smile about. And the pants are loose! My son-in-law wanted to see a side by side comparison. BTW, the one on the left is from July 30, 2005.

Twins Twins 062406

The old stomach crunch revisited. It is visibly smaller. July 30-June 24.

Ready for Church

Ready to walk out the door to go to church. Happy anniversary to me!

Sammenme Sammenme 2006

The third week of October 2004 and 2006 with Sam Venable, a talented columnist. I don’t know that he looks any different but I do!

Front Office Felines 2006

Halloween 2006. I’m on the right with my chest stuck out, proud of myself. The other two are part of the faithful staff who keep things going.

Halloween 2003 Halloween 2006

Glenda the Good Witch is from Halloween 2003. The Front Office Feline is, once again, Halloween 2006. What a contrast!

Christmas 2007

My 30 month anniversary plus one day. Those are my size 6 Levis and a small top. Just so you know.