What? And Then There Was Another One

After a halfway decent night’s sleep, I was kind of in that in-between zone somewhere that was not quite asleep but not quite awake. The phone rang and, for a wonder, I heard it. It was 9:30 TT. Who?? It was yet another nurse with hospice. She was on her way. I told her I wasn’t up yet. She agreed to come back about 1. That was 12 TT. Okay.

I got up and used the potty. Again. And went back to bed.

Sleeping until a little after 11, I got up and made my way to the chair, bringing the water bottle with me. It had come in handy during the night. I’d get just enough to moisten my mouth and it was great not to have to search for some saliva.

Cuz had picked up my new housecoats that should be short enough for me not to trip over them. They’re plenty big enough. I ordered the smallest size but they could probably be used as tents.

The nurse came in and greeted me. Cuz followed her. They had a conversation that I couldn’t hear and I finally told Cuz that she sounded like a little bird peeping. They spoke up after that. When the nurse heard that I take a couple of the pain caplets later in the day, she was of the opinion that I should take two of the time release pain tablets. I protested and said that what I do works and I don’t want to change it until I need to. She was pretty pushy but I can push back when it’s necessary. I did agree to take the liquid to help me slow my breathing.

She gave me my shot with a syringe she had in her bag and when she pulled the needle out, it must not have been in far enough because the liquid spewed onto my ratty robe. I have a nice dark pink spot on my left shoulder.

BP was 112/60. I don’t remember her checking my temp but she wrote in 96.3 so I guess she did. She didn’t check my O2 sat. She said she’d have the doctor order a stool softener/laxative combo since I haven’t pooped since Friday. TMI? Sorry.

Once she cleared out, I asked for some tapioca. I don’t know what happened to that batch but it looked like a large mushroom in a sea of liquid. My CIL whizzed it up in the food processor and it was mostly edible. It tasted like it hadn’t cooked long enough. The first batch by this recipe was perfect except it was a hair too sweet and the vanilla flavor was strong. I hope that one can be duplicated. Then I had applesauce followed by a scrambled egg. I was feeling a bit better. The moisturized O2 and the bottle of water helped.

My CIL had brought me The Box of Doom earlier and opened it for me. It was the supplement my visitor had recommended the other day. I read the instructions and it said to take two capsules 1 to 3 times a day. I put two out to take with my vitamins, probiotics and NAC. I’d already taken my D3. I washed it down and, when it hit, my heart rate skyrocketed and if felt like my heart was going to jump out of my chest. I called for Cuz and told her I was going to take the liquid pain med. It took forever for it to get my heart rate down and make me feel like I was going to make it. IF I take that ever again, I’ll only take one. I haven’t felt even close to how I was feeling before.

The hopes of eating another meal went out the window. I’m currently munching on crackers. I’ve taken one of my pain caplets and will stay up long enough to take another one before I go to bed. I asked Cuz to leave my door open tonight. I don’t scare easily but that scared me today and Halloween is over.

happy-egg-co-eggsThis evening, Cuz went to Walmart and picked up the prescription plus a few things I wanted. Then it was on to Food City for the happy egg co. eggs. And they were still on sale for $2.99 a dozen! My DIL said they would’ve brought me a couple dozen if she’d known I’d go through them so quickly. I had two left today.

I typed up a letter and sent it to my DIL to print off and mail to me. It’s kind of an awkward arrangement but it will work. I wish I could see what’s up with the printer but I can’t. Six months ago, I could’ve.

Cuz and my CIL changed the tubing for the concentrator from 50′ to 25′. I hope I’m getting more oxygen. That’s the purpose of the shorter one.

It’s hot in here. I have the fan/purifier turned on me. Cuz turned my bed back and I failed to ask her to fold Mother’s comforter so it won’t be over me but it will be there if I need it. I’ll have to summon the energy to do it myself.

I’ve ordered some more tooth-cleaning material. Cuz Googled what I needed and found it after I’d done it time after time today. The Student is teaching the Master.

Here’s sending prayers and love for all the people out there who are hurting in one way or another and to the fortunate ones who aren’t too.

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