Rise and Shine!

It was a hard night. I was coughing off and on for hours. I’d finally settled down and was peacefully sleeping when Cuz tapped on the door and came in. She never does that. My company was here. I thought, surely, they’d come this afternoon but that wasn’t to be. It was 9:30 TT and they had arrived.

It took me a good half hour or more after I got up to catch my breath. Cuz waited with me. I appreciated that. Being alone isn’t always preferable. They came in and I told them they would have to do the talking. They agreed to and then they asked me questions. It was hard to hold my head up but I made it through the visit. My brother-in-law prayed a nice prayer and they were off. I should have known they’d be early since they had to drive to North Carolina. Why did they move so far away?

Then Cuz’ sister (also my cousin) came in and started quizzing me about our ancestors. She told me about all the things we’d do when she’s here helping out after my CIL has knee surgery. It scares me to think of it. It’s like I told Cuz — it isn’t that I don’t want to do things. I can’t. Period.

DD emailed and asked if I wanted to talk today or wait until tomorrow. Since tomorrow is supposed to be my shower, I said today. Oh, and Cuz’ sister (also my cousin) said I should make it clear that I have turned down the showers. It isn’t that they haven’t been offered. There has always been a conflict. I may have to opt for a bed bath tomorrow. We’ll have to wait and see.

The big news is that Pixel is doing well but he’s very frustrated with having to be in the crate and he has to wear the cone. There’s no way to tell him it’s for his own good. Something very interesting — his tumor weighed in at one lub.

I was mopping up the droplets coming out of the cannula when Cuz’ sister (also my cousin) looked into it. She figured the little misty thing was in backwards so she turned it around and I think it’s doing better. I still get a drop now and then but not like I did.

I asked for some cashews to be toasted and had to send them back multiple times because they still had no color. Then my CIL got them perfect but I nodded off to sleep. I guess he thought they still weren’t dark enough because he took them away and when he brought them back, they were so dark they’re bitter. I’m not sure my stomach would tolerate them, anyway.

My intake today has been applesauce and a scrambled egg. I’ve munched on crackers, as well. It’s too late to eat a meal now.

Cuz tried to copy my DPOA, Advance Directive and the form from Genesis but my printer won’t come on. I’ve never had that trouble before. I can’t imagine why it won’t. Guess it figured it would die, too. She’s going to take them somewhere and get them copied.

I’ve gotten email after email to the SSNet group. A few, I’ve responded to but most of them don’t have anything to do with me any more and for that, I can be thankful.

My CIL gave me my cough medicine and Cuz is filling the hot water bottle merm gifted me with so long ago. I hope we all sleep well tonight.

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  1. merry October 31, 2016 at 6:18 am #

    praying you had a restful night.

    • Tommie October 31, 2016 at 10:41 am #

      Thank you. It was better.

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