What Now?

Someone from hospice called Cuz yesterday. She wanted to come out today to evaluate me but Cuz told her to come tomorrow so she’ll be here sometime in the afternoon.

Cuz called home health. I don’t remember everything that was said. Then the home health person called me and said the clinic had been closed this past week but she’ll call about lab work on Monday as well as get an order for two showers instead of one.

There were a few phone calls I needed to make. One was to Humana to change my mailing info and phone number. It took almost 15 minutes to get it done vs a few minutes to update on the Social Security website. The woman at the bank said I’d have to come in to change my address and phone number for my account. When I told her I couldn’t, she said she’d send me the form to sign and mail back. I still have to call Discover but I think that will be it. They are like Humana and don’t allow changes on their website.

It surely is getting warm in here. I thought maybe it was because I’m drinking hot water but it’s almost 77 degrees and the humidity is 52%. The purifier shows 78 degrees so I’ve turned it into a fan and it really feels good.

My stomach is still touchy. Yesterday, I had crackers, applesauce, dry toast, Cream of Wheat and ginger ale. When I told the home health person about my nausea, she said she’d mention that to the doctor, too. She asked about what I was eating and when I told her, she approved. Said it sounded like I was doing everything right.

Cuz and my CIL worked on building a shed a lot of the afternoon. I had to text Cuz a couple of times and interrupt them to come wait on me. She keeps telling me it’s no problem but I still wish I didn’t have to do it. I’m thankful I have two people who are so willing, though. I’m blessed in that regard. And it’s amazing they’ve taken me into their home and made me feel like it’s my home, too.


Completely forgetting earlier about correcting the current Sabbath School lesson, I got it done right at midnight TT. The editor has asked me to let her know what I corrected so she can pass it along to the new person and have it done up front.

I had a huge pile of tissues after last night. I’d tucked them under the comforter so they didn’t fall behind the bed.

It was over an hour after I got up that I finally called my CIL on his cell phone to let him know I was awake.

Not a whole lot to report about today. Cuz was busy, as usual. My wish that she would take Sabbath off, too, isn’t hers and I don’t push it. She respects my beliefs, though, and I appreciate that. When she and my CIL were both out working, I had to interrupt a couple of times again.

My food has been mostly what it was yesterday with the addition of unsweetened coconut yogurt and asparagus soup. I was a little reluctant to ask Cuz to fix the soup because it involves the Vitamix but after I told her what to do, she jumped right in and did it. I left out the onion powder and it really needed it but I can add that when I eat the leftovers.

The cracker container was empty earlier today. Cuz got another “sleeve” and filled it up. When I got ready to take my pain pill, I took out a cracker and put the whole thing in my mouth and crunched down. UGH!! It was horrible. I’d just gotten through with a ginger candy so I thought that might have been the reason the cracker tasted so bad. When Cuz came in, I had her taste one and she immediately spit it out, garbaged those and got me some fresh. They were beyond stale.

CIL told me he would have brought me a glass of water when he heard me coughing this morning but he didn’t know if I’d be presentable. That’s not how he said it but I don’t remember exactly how he put it. I do know that’s what he meant. We talked about it a bit and then I remembered something later and told Cuz to tell him. That was when she decided I should just call him on his cell when I get up. As long as his phone gets a signal, problem solved.

Here I am, up ‘way too late again. I’m probably forgetting something but you won’t know it and I shouldn’t care.

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  1. Paul from UR October 16, 2016 at 7:29 am #

    I’m glad you have such good, caring people in your life! Hope you have a good day today.

    • Tommie October 16, 2016 at 11:23 am #

      Yes, I can be thankful for them. Same to you!

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