When I first started working at the hospital, all of the ER records came through the business office. That was before HIPAA and the requirement that coding must be done by a qualified coder. A lot of them had “S.O.B.” on them and I thought that was terrible to refer to the poor patient as a son of a b*tch. It was later that I found it was an acronym for “shortness (or short) of breath”.

Well, that’s what I’ve been a lot of today. When I got up, I started coughing. I couldn’t even walk across the room to open the door. I sat down and coughed and coughed and coughed until my fingers were turning blue. When I cough, it makes my nose run and when my nose runs, I can’t breathe through it. When I can’t breathe through it, I can’t get the oxygen I need and when I can’t get the oxygen I need, deprived tissue starts losing its rosy pink color.

That started about noon, TT. By 12:30, I’d pretty much exhausted the cough reflex and myself. I was able to open the door, go back and sit down until I got enough strength to get up again and go to the kitchen to pour myself a glass of water. By that time, my CIL had cone in and had me come back to my room while he heated my water and brought it to me. Bless my CIL.

kashi-originalCuz came in and brought me my yogurt. Then she turned the rest of “breakfast” over to my CIL. The only waffles I hadn’t tried were the gluten-free originals so I decided to have them. I drained the last of my grade B maple syrup from the bottle. Not to worry. I had ordered some organic Grade B that will arrive on Tuesday. Cuz has some but I don’t want to use hers up when mine will be here in a couple of days.

Cuz had been out in the garage working on presents for the kids in the family. I have been sworn to secrecy about what they are because she doesn’t want me to spill the beans prematurely but I’m here to tell you, they’re NICE.

She had a birthday party to go to which was some distance away so she had to get on the road early.

I had an afternoon of being very S.O.B. I wondered what my O2 sat was and, surprisingly, it was 98%. I would have thought it was closer to 90%, the way I felt. It wasn’t until after 6 TT that it smoothed out and I was able to breathe easily. It’s been quite unsettling.

A little later, my CIL came in and said Cuz had called from Taco Bell and would be home soon. She was picking up two bean burritos for me — one with lettuce, tomato, onion and guacamole and the other with everything but lettuce in case I wasn’t able to eat both.

She got home before I knew it and it was time to eat. The burrito was the biggest one I’ve ever had with a very healthy helping of beans. There was no way I could eat two though I did eat a roll later. It was GOOD. I put one packet of hot sauce on it and five drops of Diablo. I was glad I hadn’t put more than that.

Cuz is making very good use of the DVR and is recording more programs to watch later. She’s also learned the trick of tuning into a show that’s recording later, then going back to the first so she can fast-forward through commercials. I don’t think she’d realized how much time she’d spent watching commercials for stuff she’d never buy until she doesn’t watch them any more.

At first, she was hesitant about recording programs because she didn’t want to fill up the storage. I told her it would hold a whole lot of hours. She said the man told her it would only record five shows at once. I explained to her that he meant at one time, not that we could only have five that had been recorded on the DVR. Whenever I watch something, I delete it and I’m sure she’s doing the same thing unless she’s saving something for my CIL to watch, too. And she loves being able to pause something while she goes to do something else, like give me my nighttime meds.

So far, I still have access to my blog. It did the same thing when I tried to save it last night as it did Thursday night. There’s an open network that comes from somewhere and I accidentally clicked on it. When I did, my blog came up so it’s something with the satellite. I could access everything else but not my blog. I didn’t try merm’s other sites, but they were probably inaccessible, too. Strange.

Thank goodness, it’s cooling down in here. Last night, it was 75 degrees when I went to bed. I had to throw the cover off more than once. I should be able to sleep better tonight.

The aide will be here tomorrow to help me with my shower. Cuz forgot to put my bathrobe in the bathroom and I can’t reach that high to get it down. Maybe the aide can but I don’t think she’s any taller than I am. It may be a towel for me, instead.

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  1. Mary Jane Graves October 3, 2016 at 6:51 am #

    I got a laugh out of your misunderstanding the meaning of S.O.B. when referring to patients. I wouldn’t have known, either. I worked in a hospital, but not dealing with patients or their records, so I hadn’t seen that.

    • Tommie October 3, 2016 at 8:52 pm #

      I’ve laughed at it since. A lot of things were stark revelations.

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