Weathering the Storm

Well, I don’t know. I was trying to come up with an attention-getting headline and that was the best I could do. I’m so tired of seeing sensational and misleading headlines with just as sensational and misleading articles following them that I could puke. Excuse me. I could lose my lunch. Is that better? Anyway, I said what I’ve been thinking and I hear that’s just the thing to do these days.

Yesterday and today have been pretty quiet. Cuz and my CIL were both feeling better. Cuz fixed my CIL and her construction partner a special breakfast that included bacon and sausage. I noticed there was a pretty stiff breeze in my room and when I looked, the air purifier was active and had kicked up to 10 which is the highest level possible. The smell was pretty bad.

Cuz went shopping in the afternoon and said she remembers why she likes to go early because it was a zoo just about everywhere she went. She did check at Kroger about the cough medicine. The pharmacist told her that prices had gone up and that it would have been $13 last month but it had gone to $16. Big difference in that and $49.69. She said to let her know when I needed a refill and she’ll have the prescription transferred from Walmart.

Supper was a baked potato — baked the way I like it. That’s naked with nothing put on it. No oil, no butter, no foil. Then it’s baked until it’s dry and fluffy when it’s cut open. I also had steamed okra, fake duck and a roll. I was so full I couldn’t eat the last potato skin half.

The others had steak and baked potato. Once again, the purifier went into high gear but this time it was “only” up to nine.

Before I went to bed, I corrected lessons 3 and 4 and the helps files 1-3. It would be nice if people would do them right the first time but they know I’ll come behind and clean up. Truth be told, I won’t always be able to do it.

Last night was a so-so one. I coughed some but not excessively.

I clipped my fingernails this morning. Cuz was surprised I’d do it on Sabbath and I didn’t plan it that way but they had grown so long, they were getting on my last nerve.

kashiBreakfast was coconut yogurt, two Kashi gluten free cinnamon waffles and applesauce. I haven’t tried the original gluten free waffles yet but I think I have a new favorite.

Cuz spent a lot of today in the garage. She’s getting an awning ready to put up over the door that opens from the garage to the back yard. Her BIL is supposed to come down to help her with it tomorrow. She said the Catz have been beating up on Mongo. She has three bowls down for them and Mongo insisted on eating out of a bowl that was already occupied.

I spent some data watching The American Bible Challenge last night and today. There are only two seasons. I wish there were more.

Supper was more of my fake meat, mashed potatoes, green beans, salad and a roll. The others had the leftover steak cut into cubes with gravy and served over the mashed potatoes.

Cuz and I tried to figure out some of the 4 Pics puzzles and had to spend a lot of the hard-earned coins to get a couple of them. I did a few more after Cuz gave up but now I’m stuck again. She went to bed and here I am. I’m doing the same thing soon so have a good night, y’all! Ya hear?

2 Responses to Weathering the Storm

  1. Merry October 2, 2016 at 5:22 pm #

    Some days are just like that… get on your last nerve. ¿¡!/
    I’ve had a few lately.
    Your bake potato sounds good.
    Has Black Tom made it down the mountain?

    • Tommie October 2, 2016 at 9:46 pm #

      Black Tom is still on top. Cuz is trying to figure out how to set the live trap. She hasn’t used it in a long time. 🙂

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