Another Late Night

I had clicked on “Publish” when the little circle started going round and round and it finally came up that it had timed out. When I tried it again, it said it couldn’t reach the server. I went to Is It Down Right Now? and it came back with this:


I sent that to merm. She doesn’t like that site for some reason. I anticipated her wanting me to use a different one so I went to CurrentlyDown and it came back with this:


Once again, she said to use yet another one. This time, it was Down for Everyone or Just Me. It said it was just me. It was up for merm.

Finally, it came up for me, too, and I was able to publish and eventually go to bed.

zephyrToday, I’d been up long enough to drink my 16 ozzies of water when the aide got here to help me with my shower. I showed her the 4 Pics that was giving me all sorts of trouble. She couldn’t figure it out, either. I finally bit the bullet and spent 120 of my coins to get two letters revealed. On a whim, I tried “ZEPHYR” and it was right. I Googled it and found that the zephyr is a Russian marshmallow sweet that’s traditionally shaped like a shell. This page has more pictures. Three of them were used on 4 Pics.

Always thoughtful, Cuz had put my bathrobe in the bathroom and my CIL turned on the heater and put the chair in the tub. Everything was ready to get me clean. I’d gotten a new scalp scrubber from Amazon and it felt great. As usual, she wrapped me in my bathrobe and dried my hair. She’ll be back on Monday since she has a scheduling conflict on Thursday.

Cuz got home not long after she left. She had the beginnings of a raging headache but she changed the bed in spite of it. I could tell my CIL didn’t feel real good today, either. His knee was bothering him and probably his back, too. I wish I could do more for myself. I’m more of a burden than an asset. I try not to be demanding but I know I’m picky.

Cuz had been to the mountain and brought back one of the gray striped aunts. She said Black Tom was having none of being caught and put in the carrier. She may have to tranquilize him. There’s a skinny white stray in the garage that she couldn’t shoo out. Whenever she went into the garage, it would hiss. Maybe its wild ways are rubbing off on Tom.

This evening, I saw that Cuz had gotten up and there was some unusual activity in the kitchen. Turns out the filter for the distiller had been put together wrong and the water wasn’t going in the container. I don’t know how much went on the table but Cuz said it had happened to her last week, too. Now, we’re three for three. It’s happened to each of us and I dare say it won’t happen again. Just once is enough to make a believer out of a person.

When my CIL poured up my cough medicine tonight, it was over by about a half teaspoon. He didn’t want to pour it back in the bottle but that stuff is expensive and I didn’t need to have more than the two teaspoons, anyway. He was probably glad to get some peace when he closed my door and I wouldn’t be asking for anything for a few hours.

The clock on the shelf is chiming my life away. It’s time for me to call it a day and put this to bed.

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  1. Paul from UR September 30, 2016 at 12:23 am #

    Sleep well, Tommie! I like your reference to the clock. I have a mantel clock that my Dad gave my Mom. It chimes the quarter hour and strikes the hour. I wind it every Sunday night, just like my Dad did. My parents died five years ago – just 15 days apart – and the clock is a lovely tangible and audible testament to the time they dedicated to each other (nearly 60 years of marriage) and to their children, family, friends and church. I’m honored to have the clock and to be the steward of it and all it represents.

    • Tommie September 30, 2016 at 8:29 pm #

      My! Your clock has quite a history. My brother-in-law made mine for Christmas one year. He passed away a year ago last June. He was a master craftsman when he wasn’t busy being a doctor.

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