Supprise, Supprise, Supprise!

Night before last, when I did the linking for the next day on the Sabbath School lesson, I scanned the page and figured I’d do the rest since there were so few texts so I did. And that’s when I went to bed.

As I am wont to do, I checked my email when I got up yesterday. There was a MagicJack voice mail from the generic phone number that shows up from all the offices at the Mother Ship. If it’s called back, there’s some (again, generic) recording. I don’t remember what it says. I called it once a long time ago.

The call came from the pulmonologist’s office “reminding” me of an appointment for today I didn’t know had been scheduled. I called the office and told the girl I had no idea I had an appointment. She wanted to know if I wished to reschedule. Well, NO. I told her I didn’t see any reason to come back since I’d been rejected for a lung transplant. “There are ways to get around a denial.” But this wasn’t a denial. It was a rejection. From Vanderbilt. Due to age. There’s no way to “get around” that.

She pressed her case. Well, I should come in to see the doctor, anyway. Why? So he could watch me decline? I didn’t say it but I thought, “And bill the visit plus collect my $30 co-pay.” I finally convinced her I wouldn’t be back. I did give her my phone number so, if the doctor wants to call me, he can.

When I told Cuz about it, she couldn’t recall an appointment being made, either. I was always given a card with the date and time plus whether or not there would be a PFT. Neither of us was given one.

I’d had a question about my absentee ballot so I emailed the election office and got an answer almost immediately. I filled it out, sealed it, put it in the supplied enveloped and laid it out for Cuz to mail for me.

My CIL had been to the mountain and brought my mail. There was a notice from the electric and water department saying my budget billing had been recalculated. It is going up $5 a month. As soon as stuff is gotten out of the house, I’ll have the power shut off. I’ll have to talk to Cuz and see if there’s any reason to keep the water on.

Cuz texted me and said, “Good morning! I Keep forgetting 2 tell u if u dont know u got a debate on 2night 9 its on the local channels hope u haue a great day c u when i get home” Her BIL asked her if she hadn’t read my blog. He told her I’d set the DVR. I appreciated her thinking of me, anyway.

She got home mid-afternoon and told me about her day. She took my ballot and said she’d add a stamp and put it in the mailbox.

Supper was leftovers. She said she felt like a short-order cook. Each one of the four of us had something different. At least mine wasn’t too involved. I hope.

The rest of the night was spent on the debate. I won’t go into that since I pretty much said it all before I went to bed.

I was sleeping in since I’d been up so late — or maybe it was early. At any rate, I was still in bed when there was a soft knock at the door and the home health nurse came in. I asked if it would be okay for me to stay where I was and she said it was fine. She shot me, took my vitals and when she went to the car to get her stethoscope, I got up and put on my ratty robe.

She told me she could extend my visits through November 2 and they could continue to come as long as I needed them. I figure I’ll need them right along. She’d asked me if I’d thought about signing up with hospice. I told her if I ever needed to go to the ER, I wouldn’t be able to with hospice since hospice doesn’t cover emergency room visits. She didn’t know that but said she’d check. I’d have to switch back to Medicare which might be tricky since I have Humana.

Before she left, she took the order for a wheelchair and said she’ll fax it. She’s also going to contact the DME place about a mask for me since I’m a mouth breather when I sleep. She thinks I may cough more because my sat percentage drops. She’ll also see about getting the aide out here twice a week for my showers.

My CIL brought me my breakfast after I drank my water. He told me he’d brought his favorite cat down yesterday and she’s beating up on Mongo. I guess she’s learned to stand up for herself.

When I was having my devotions, one of the ladies on the devotional site had said, “TOMMIE thank you for posting the writings from DD, I couldn’t have said it better. It’s refreshing to know that people feel my pain. As an African-American woman life is a struggle. I know other races have struggled to but as the saying goes if your white it’s alright, if your brown stick around and if your black step all the way back.’ As hard as it has been to live in this world, I must say we as a people are survivors. I truly believe if we were taught God’s word early in life, life would not be so hard. Since I have learned to put ALL my faith in God I know that I can make it and he won’t let me down. So far whatever has come my way God had led me through it. Thanks again TOMMIE.”

That prompted me to write, “I remember being in Walmart one day and was extremely disappointed they’d quit carrying the kind of bread I liked. There was a black man standing there wanting the same thing. I told him, ‘We ought to give them down the country for not having what we want!’ I said it in a joking way but he looked alarmed and said, ‘No, no!’ That’s when I realized that, as a white person, I had the freedom to make a scene if I wanted (which I didn’t) but, if he did, he would get very different treatment. Talk about not being fair!”

09272016Then it was back to the present. This is what I saw when I checked my data. I went ahead and watched some videos to run the rest of the priority data out. Soon, there was an email. It said,

Dear Tommie,

Although you’ve used up your Priority Data, you’re now enjoying Liberty Pass until the end of your monthly measurement period. This allows you to continue to use the Internet for many of the things you want to do, especially during the day.


Liberty Pass speeds vary based on the time of day and the network traffic in your area. Typically, the speeds will be best during the daytime, from about 2 a.m. until 5 p.m. But they will be slower than your Priority Data speeds.


If you think you may need higher speeds than the Liberty Pass offers, you can log into your account and Buy More Priority Data.

100-percentSince priority data is $10 per 1 GB, I think not. And, sure enough, when I checked my usage, it was at 30 GB. The funny thing is, I really couldn’t tell that much difference in the speed. I’ve watched several shorter videos on Netflix with no problem. Maybe it was a fluke and it would drop more if it stretched out for several days instead of just one. I don’t know. I’ll be thinking about going to a cheaper plan if it does that well. Then, again, I just tried watching a video and it was so pixely, I had to stop.

Cuz has been wanting chili so my CIL started a pot of it. He got a can of my five bean chili (different label but same stuff), a can of red beans and some Upton Naturals Seitan. He didn’t know I don’t drain the beans so he did. He had to add some water to it since that made it too thick.

When Cuz got home, we ate. I had two slices of toasted French bread and a bowl of said chili. It was so spicy, I couldn’t eat all of it. I told Cuz, when I have it again, it needs to be stretched with either flour or cornstarch mixed with water. That might tone it down a bit. The first time I ate the chili, I had it by itself and it just about took the top of my head off.

After supper was over, Cuz came in and helped me with some of the words that stumped me on 4 Pics One Word, then she went to bed while forgetting to give me my goodnight hug. I told my CIL to hug her for me.

Well, things are back to normal, Internet-wise. When I looked at my usage, it said I’d already done away with .3 GB. It can surely go fast when I’m not looking.

It’s ‘way past the time I should go to bed so I’ll say, “So long, it’s been good ta know ya!”

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  1. Mary Jane Graves September 28, 2016 at 7:18 pm #

    You don’t want to just give the dr. $30?

    • Tommie September 28, 2016 at 7:46 pm #

      If I did, I could have the bank send him a check — or charge it to Discover and get 30 cents back. I really don’t want to see the man ever again.

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