What Debate?

I’m still watching the coverage so there will be no blog, as such, tonight.

09262016The debate, in a nutshell, was won by Hillary. I’d started recording it but was busy doing something else when it came on. I wanted to spend my priority data before it gets wiped away. Since I am new to this DVR, I figured where I came in would be where it was, currently. Well, no. It started at the beginning when I went to the list and clicked on it. I didn’t know it was the beginning. I thought the moderator was killing time so I stopped the recording. I went to a different channel and discovered it was in the middle of the first half hour. I pushed record and it wanted to know if I wished to append it to the first one. No. So…I still have the first part to watch.

I don’t want to stay up all night so I’m going to get back to it and I’ll give today’s update tomorrow.

Good night!

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