It’s Back to Work

Early this morning coughing woke me. That’s when I saw the light around the bathroom door and I knew Cuz was up. I could barely hear her. She finds it hard to believe that I can sleep through her showering and blow-drying but I do. I’ve told her that being hard of hearing has its perks. By and by, the coughing subsided and I was able to go back to sleep.

The supplies for the project had come in so she was off to get started before I ever got up. I guess I paid my dues but I’d rather be able to get up and go than have the privilege of lying in bed until all hours.

coco-yogurt-unsw-doubleMy CIL got my breakfast. I had unsweetened coconut yogurt with black ‘n’ blueberry jam, toast with applesauce and cashew milk and my herbal tea. I wish the store here had the larger size.

The home health nurse had called me on my CIL’s phone and he didn’t have it with him. She called Cuz who told her if she came out THEN, I wouldn’t be up. While I was eating breakfast, she called again on my CIL’s phone. He had me talk to her. She was in town south of here and would be out in a few minutes if that would be okay. Fine with me. My B12 shot would be a day early but that was better than not at all.

She was someone I hadn’t seen, very young and pretty. She told me that, after the initial five weeks, someone would have to be taught to do my B12 shots because they would no longer be doing them. That may be why my blood pressure was 146/84. I knew my PCP would have to write another order to get more visits but she talked like it was a given that a nurse would no longer be coming. I don’t know if that means the assistance with showers will stop, too, or not.

After she left, I busied myself with my devotions. I’d listened to the Sabbath School lesson discussion while I ate breakfast but I still had more to do. And that just reminded me that I hadn’t read in the women’s devotional my sister gifts me with each Christmas. So, now I have.

When I chatted with an AT&T rep on Friday, I was told to call to cancel U-verse. The rep insisted on looking up the address where I am now after I told him their service isn’t available here. Sure enough, he found out I was right. When I called, there was no argument. It would be canceled and BOOM!! it was. I logged on to the website and it said there is no Internet service for the user. He said the equipment belongs to me so there was nothing to send back. I knew that, too.

The rest of the afternoon was spent communicating on Facebook and catching up on some more recorded programs. I watched a couple of cooking shows and had started another when Cuz got home. By way of work, I made some corrections to links on Lesson 13, both versions, I’d messed up when I entered them weeks ago at home. Guess I wasn’t thinking too clearly at the time.

My CIL had suggested mixed veggies wrapped in foil and cooked on the grill for supper. He puts shrimp in theirs but I told him it’s been a LONG TIME — like never — since I’d eaten shrimp. He said he’d fix mine without. When mealtime came, I had a platter full with some of the skallops from yesterday. The corn was on the cob but I get it all stuck in my teeth so he cut it off for me. Then, it kept bouncing off the fork but I managed to eat it, anyway.

Cuz told me to holler at her if she wasn’t up by 9:05 TT so she could give me my cough medicine. I asked why? My CIL has been doing it just fine and then she could go on to bed and go to sleep. She hugged me goodnight and that’s what happened.

For days, my left eustachian tube has been hard to clear and I’ve been about driven nuts because I could hear myself breathe with it that way. This evening, I discovered that I could blow OUT of my left nostril but I couldn’t breathe in. I sprayed Ayr in both nostrils, then several squirts into the left nostril and held it open to make sure it was going where it was needed. I’m able to breathe a little on that side now and the tube isn’t stopped up. That may be one reason my O2 sat was 96% today. It’s usually higher.

I haven’t played Split Words much today and when I did, no records were broken. I figure it keeps my brain working so I’ll play before I go to bed. With that in sight, I’ll say goodnight.

2 Responses to It’s Back to Work

  1. Merry September 19, 2016 at 11:31 pm #

    Tommie, busy day. Especially when your energy level Isn’t high.
    I went to wal-mart today, that did me in for afternoon.
    Your lunch sounds delicious.
    My husband can’t eat food with too much black pepper. If any….

    • Tommie September 20, 2016 at 11:42 am #

      If I went to Walmart, I might as well lie down because I might die.

      Don’t know if you mean my breakfast or my supper because they were both good.

      My CIL told me he hadn’t put black pepper in the beans but there was something spicy that was also irritating.

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