How Picky Can You Get?

I was later than normal getting up today and had just finished eating when the aide came to help with my shower. In my defense, I’d coughed a lot and was pretty tired as a result. Seems it takes it night about or close to it.

Cuz had fixed me French toast again and it is SO GOOD! I had my usual applesauce and yogurt but I hadn’t had my tea. Before we got started, the aide took my vital signs. BP was 110/70, temp 98.3.

The handheld shower head from the mountain house had been cleaned and put up by who else? She’d moved in a heater, as well, since it had been too cool last week.

The aide was looking around for my terrycloth bathrobe and was pleased to find that Cuz had put it in the bathroom before she left to take her construction partner to the doctor. Getting started on the shower was no problem because Cuz had put the shower chair in the tub, too.

The cleansing of the body went well. I told the aide that last week when she washed my back, it was the first time someone had done that since DH had done it in ’86. She was surprised. The handheld was so much better than filling a cup with water and throwing it at me. 🙂 The temperature of the water fluctuated a lot but she was good about adjusting it.

With me wrapped up in my robe, she dried my hair and saw me back to the bedroom. Making sure I was okay, she left. I was in good hands. My CIL got me a cup of tea that I’d missed after my breakfast and I was all cozy and clean.

The headphones had come before Cuz had left. She was pleased with how easy it was to connect them and had the ‘phones in the charger.

I hadn’t had a chance for my devotions so I had part of my quiet time. It wasn’t long before I got sleepy and dozed off. I don’t know how long I slept but it was hard to wake up. Guess the shower had taken more out of me than I thought. I finished the devotions and was listening to the Sabbath School lesson discussion when Cuz got back.

She did look so tired but she got out clean sheets and changed my bed. It’s a process since it’s right up against the wall and so much has to be moved to get it away from the wall. She wanted my clean body to have a clean bed to sleep in. I told her it wouldn’t have hurt me to sleep in a dirty bed. I don’t think it was as dirty as it has been in the past like when I was existing on my own and let it go for weeks at a time.

My CIL had started supper and it wasn’t long before it was ready. There was a baked potato, the rest of my “tuna” sandwich and cauliflower. The baked potato could have baked longer. Cuz had cut it up for me, always being the thoughtful one. I like my potato done a certain way. I’ve never thought of myself as being picky but I guess I am.

The potato has to be scrubbed free of dirt and baked without anything rubbed on it and unwrapped (“naked”) long enough that the skin is dry and crispy. Then, I like to cut it in two and mash the innards with a fork so it’s fluffy. Kala Namak is all it needs unless I’m in the mood for Earth Balance Buttery Spread. They’re going to get tired of me and wish I’d never come to live with them.

After supper, they went shopping for more food for me. When they got back, they found me watching my news program. The earphones had finished charging so I decided to try them out. They really do work well.

I found myself trying to pause by pressing the spacebar on the keyboard and controlling the picture with my mouse. It didn’t work. Even though I can fast forward through commercials, I’m very spoiled by not having to deal with them at all. I still prefer watching things on my notebook. My distance vision isn’t as good as it once was and I can see the computer screen better. I wish there were some way to “reverse cast” from the TV to the notebook but I guess that isn’t possible. I just watched the one program and let that be it. I’ll eventually catch up.

DS1 sent me a text with a picture of my granddaughter. She and a friend went to Pigeon Forge and stopped by the aquarium. I asked if this were her Princess Leia look and he said he guessed so.

Princess Leia

I’m really really tired tonight. I’ve been getting emails from SSNet and am thankful I can, for the most part, ignore them. The editor must be meeting herself coming back. She sent out one that said they’d need to get the first several lessons finished and published by mid-July. I privately emailed her (the message had been sent to the group) and asked if she didn’t mean October. Yes, she did, so she sent out a correction.

My niece sent me an animated card from Jacquie Lawson. It was thoughtful of her but I’ve already used 17 GB of my allotment of 30 for this month. I’m looking into canceling my membership on both the Jacquie Lawson site and American Greetings. If I can’t get a refund, I’ll just let them expire.

Well, life goes on and I need to get some sleep. Good night, sweet dreams and I’ll see you on Saturday night. In the meantime, when sundown comes on tomorrow, have a happy Sabbath!

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  1. Lila September 16, 2016 at 7:25 am #

    That has to be your older granddaughter, but I would never have recognized her! I guess she has really grown up since the last time I saw her. That does happen, even when we’re not looking.

    • Tommie September 16, 2016 at 9:52 am #

      Yes, that’s DS1’s daughter. She’s 21.

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