My night was mostly cough-free. I can thank Big Pharma for that. I wish I didn’t have to depend on such to keep from coughing and hurting and to help me sleep but I’m grateful I have them and they’re affordable.

Both Cuz and my CIL were gone when I got up but they were back soon. They’d been to the mountain — again. Hopefully, things will be squared away out there soon and Cuz can spend her time on other than my Stuff. It won’t all be over and done by a long shot but there will be a lull.

I’d needed to get something notarized and Cuz asked around and found someone who would come to the house. Since it was off the main highway by less than a mile, he didn’t mind doing it and he refused any payment.

Cuz has been wanting to get with me about my substitutes and find out how to fix them. We went over several of them before the call came in from home health. The nurse was 30-45 minutes away. We’d been wondering when someone would be coming out and now we knew.

The nurse is a very pleasant lady and talkative. Of course, she had to ask me all the routine questions. When did you have your last bowel movement? Are you in any pain? etc., etc. Then she took my vital signs and was satisfied that I’m still alive. BP was 112/78, temp 98.2, O2 sat 97, pulse rate 71.

She asked if I get my shots monthly and was surprised when I said weekly. After she looked it up on her tablet, she confirmed that the order was, in fact, for weekly. She drew it up and shot me in my left arm since my niece had given it in my right arm last week.

Six visits have been approved and then the doctor will have to write another order and I’ll be reevaluated. She was going to have someone contact the clinic about an order for lab work. As far as an x-ray is concerned, they don’t have a portable so I’d have to go to the hospital for that. I really don’t see the need unless Humana requires it for progression of care. I told the nurse it would just show that my lungs are still crappy.

Wheel Chair-1Cuz asked her about the order for the wheelchair and she said to contact the DME supplier. They will probably want it faxed but I’m sure Cuz knows where that can be done.

One of my friends from the devotional site is sending me the headphones her father used. She emailed the tracking number and it shows they arrived in Tampa at 9:26 on their way to me. The estimated arrival is Thursday. So…I went ahead and watched what I’ve missed up to today. I have things set up to record but the news program is time sensitive.

I pretty much know my way around the DVR now. I’ve been encouraging Cuz to use it but, so far, it’s fallen on deaf ears. It makes little sense to have it available for every TV in the house and NOT use it.

My request for an absentee ballot is all ready to go. I don’t know if Cuz put it in the mailbox or not. At any rate, my part is done.

Supper was Amy’s Chinese Noodles & Veggies. I’m sorry but I could only get half of it down and that was a struggle. I generally buy only one of something I haven’t tried yet but, somehow, two ended up in the freezer. Cuz said the other one can be for a rainy day. It will have to be flooding with nothing else around. That’s three for three of the bowls. So far, my favorite meal is the Black Bean Enchilada Whole Meal. I do want to like all of them but a lot are just too highly seasoned.

Yesterday, I noticed my pee was looking kind of dark and concentrated so I’ve been drinking more water today. I still have eight ozzies to go before I hit the hay so I’d better get to it.

4 Responses to Sleepy

  1. Merry September 14, 2016 at 6:29 am #

    Tommie, good morning.
    Busy day for you…especially when you have no reserve energy.
    Don’t feel bad about needing comfort care.
    Enjoy a peaceful day.

    • Tommie September 14, 2016 at 11:55 am #

      Good afternoon! I don’t feel bad about it. I wish I didn’t need it but, as my mother would say, “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.” It is what it is.

  2. Lila September 14, 2016 at 7:12 am #

    So good to hear you’re having better nights! That makes everything better.

    • Tommie September 14, 2016 at 11:55 am #

      My increased water had me up more last night but I was able to go right back to sleep.

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