And Another One Leaves

My niece flies out tomorrow and has to leave for the airport before I get up so we said our “so longs” tonight. She doesn’t like goodbyes and I don’t, either.

Yesterday, my academy roommate got here not long after my niece did. We were entertained by her story-telling. She’s been told she should write a book and I agree. She has a natural talent for spinning a yarn. The difference is, what she was telling is all too true. Some were harrowing and some were downright hilarious. How she can get herself in some situations is beyond me.

Before she got here, she was having problems finding it so I pulled up Google Maps and was looking to see just how far it was when I found this:


Seems guests are supposed to follow the road until they get to the house, then take a huge leap over it and into the pool. One way to cool off!

She only stayed a couple of hours but since she knows where I am, maybe she’ll be back.

Just MayoMy niece had bought a lovely cantaloupe and some tomatoes. We both had a bowl of the melon and there’s lots left. She’s reveled in good tomato sandwiches and is very impressed with Just Mayo. I looked up where she can buy it in Seattle and she’s most interested in getting some. She agrees with me that it tastes more like regular mayonnaise than any of the other alternatives we’ve tried.

Before she left, she had prayer with me and we hugged and kissed goodnight.

I went to bed earlier than usual. I did pretty well, at first, but was soon coughing and hacking with the best of them. I thought, maybe, I’d get to sleep and sleep through any of the triggers that seem to get it started but that wasn’t to be. Once that was over, though, I slept pretty well.

My niece had asked for directions to my mother’s former home on the mountain as well as the cemetery where she and a lot of our other relatives are buried. Cuz and I gave her what I thought were clear ones. She didn’t note them down, though, and thought she was supposed to take a right when it was left, etc., etc.

She’d emailed me long before I was up and was wandering the mountain with no clue about where she was or where she was going. Her GPS wasn’t much good since I didn’t know the address for the house. When I lived there, it changed from Route 3 to Old Highway #3 but now it has a real street name.

When I saw her message, I replied with directions and she found the house. She asked the current owners if she could go inside and they let her. She took a couple of pictures of the living room fireplace and one of the stairway with the built-in bookcase underneath. She was there for an hour or an hour and a half.

She found the cemetery and the graves of my mother (her granny) and my grandparents. She didn’t know where other family members were buried close by.

She came on to the house and had a couple more ‘mater sammiches.

As much as I could, I regaled her with family stories and legends but I’d have to stop and breathe. Talking tires me so she’d have me rest while she either read or went to sit outside.

We looked at pictures, too, on Facebook, of relatives and friends. She’s a member but doesn’t get on very often. She leads a busy life.

Cuz outdid herself at supper. My CIL had done a lot of the cooking, too. We had ‘maters, ‘taters, fried squash, fried zucchini, fried okra and rolls. Cuz, my CIL and the construction partner had their entree and my niece and I each had a half a stuffed pepper I’d fixed and frozen last summer. She really enjoyed her meal and had seconds and, possibly, thirds. I told her I don’t know how I can eat like this and NOT gain weight!

We visited more and then the time came for her to leave. She came back to give me another hug and caught me on Facebook, catching up on what had been posted in the meantime.

My niece just emailed that there’s lightning flashing and thunder crashing where she is. She has a motel room 32+ miles away. I’m going to wrap this up and close my eyes. Ah’m tard.

2 Responses to And Another One Leaves

  1. Merry September 11, 2016 at 7:45 am #

    Good morning, Tommie.
    Company tires me, too.
    But I enjoy having company.
    Your supper makes me hungry.
    So glad you are with Cuz.

    • Tommie September 11, 2016 at 2:38 pm #

      I’ve had company for almost every day for two weeks now. I’m ready for a rest.

      The supper was SO GOOD! I’m glad I’m with Cuz, too.

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