Still a Mom

Once again, DD headed out to the mountain to go through things and pack up the belongings she wanted to keep. She was gone for a really long time. I’d hear from her via email now and then (Internet still works at the house) but there was a significant stretch when there was nothing. She’d had to go to town for more package sealing tape but that didn’t take THAT much time.

I emailed and asked if she were okay but I didn’t hear back. I prayed nothing had happened to her. Of course, a mother’s imagination can run wild and I pictured her in a ditch somewhere with the crumpled car surrounding her. Well, she’d Skyped with her SO for an hour and had been busy otherwise. She’d been there longer than she had thought she would be and was heading back soon.

When she got here, she brought in more pictures and stowed some other things in the closet. I’d hoped she would fry some green tomatoes for my supper but she was too tired. Cuz had had a headache this afternoon but she recovered enough that she did it, herself. Besides that, I had “chicken” strips, steamed AND fried okra, squash, the aforementioned tomato, and pinto beans on toast with lots of liquid. Oh, there was a sprinkle of onion, too.

Yesterday, my great-niece posted this picture on Facebook:

cat logic

I told DD that would have been Twinkle. I’d buy her toys and they would be ignored. Once, I bought her a battery powered mouse and it freaked her out. DD said she found it in the closet and it freaked HER out. It rolled and I guess she just about had to be peeled off the ceiling. I had a good laugh about that one and would’ve given a pretty penny to see it in person.

It was a quiet afternoon. No one was on the schedule to come see me. My roommate had been but she’s still having a rough go of it. The bulletin was to format and send out/post on Facebook. I caught up on some other things and even corrected the errors on less09m. The editor is encouraging me to do more but I told her I’ll do what I can when I feel up to it. I don’t want to take a step back. Or two or three.

Everyone except me is either in bed or on their way so I guess I should say adieu and lock this up. So…adieu!

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  1. Alice Fontana September 2, 2016 at 11:24 am #

    I’m so glad you are at Cuz’. You sound so much better. I’ll bet it’s easier for her too. The fact that you don’t miss your home “on the mountain” shows how much more relaxed and contented you are now. I’m sure DD is relieved too. I’ll be waiting to hear if Black Tom and Grey make the trip down the mountain and decide to stay. Enoy the holiday weekend with family and friends. I will be…..

    • Tommie September 2, 2016 at 12:41 pm #

      Black Tom, yes. Gray, not likely. S/he would freak out, even if it could be caught, and freak out the others. It will probably go full feral.

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