Night and Day

After the numbness wore off my arm, it started hurting (was it Tom Sawyer who said it?) like the billyoh. I tried to tough it out. I prayed. I would shift it on the pillow to make it more comfortable. Nothing worked. By that time, I was in tears. I got up, went to the kitchen and got a glass of water. Bringing it back to the bedroom, I reached for the bottle of pain med. I didn’t know if I should mix it with a double dose of cough medicine and doxepin but I was desperate. It was hurting from my shoulder all the way to my shoulder blade and down my arm to my hand. I usually have quite a high pain threshold but not that time.

I picked up the bottle and tried to open it. It wouldn’t budge. I set it on the arm of the chair, pushed down with both hands and tried to turn it. Nothing. I spent several minutes before I went in and woke DD to ask her to help me. She even had a hard time with it but she got it open. I got one out, she closed it back up and I went back where the water was.

I’d already looked it up so I knew what I was experiencing was a cortisone flare. It’s been better today but my arm is still tender. It isn’t at the injection site but where it was the most tender before. The next few days should see improvement.

Within a few minutes, I was back in bed and on my way to dreamland. By that time, it was after 2 a.m. TT.

Today, Cuz went to her construction partner’s meds and found a lid that will snap on the top of my bottle so I won’t have a problem opening it any more. I feel sorry for people who can’t and don’t have anyone to do it for them.

DD went out to the house today and went through some of her stuff. She figures she’ll go again tomorrow and, possibly, on Friday, too. She’ll go in the morning since we have visitors coming in the afternoon. DH’s sister and our good friend will be here.

PortableShe emailed that home health had been there so she gave him my new address. Turns out it was the man with the company that supplies the oxygen. He came in and picked up the portable and tanks, left me a full backup tank and some better cannulas. He admired the Inogen and I told him how handy it was yesterday. It took seconds to swap batteries where the portable tanks are a process.

This evening, my nephew came and stayed for a little while. I was concerned that it was getting on toward dark before he left but he said he prefers driving at night. I’m just the opposite — or I was. Now, I’d be concerned to get behind the wheel.

We had a good visit while he was here. He had lots of war stories he could tell about when he was working as a crisis intervention counselor. He used to come to the hospital where I worked and I got to see him ONCE. He was walking along in front of the building as I was leaving for the day. We didn’t have time to say more than hello and goodbye.

After he left DD and me, he walked out to the garden to talk to Cuz. He asked just how we are related. She told him he’d have to ask me. Actually, he’d have to ask Cuz’ sister (also my cousin). She’s the holder of the family tree. Anyway, Cuz told him she’s my adopted daughter. I’ll claim her!

While he was here, I walked to the bathroom and back and got very short of breath. DD had me check my O2 sat and it was 98% so that wasn’t the problem. They decided it was because I’d been talking. I guess that’s the signal for me to keep my mouth shut.

I had an email from the editor this afternoon officially welcoming my replacement. I’m not off the team. I’ll still correct errors “on the fly” but just not do the heavy lifting. I sent him a welcome note and wished him well.

The mattress seller emailed that, yes, there was a right side and a wrong side to the mattress and, as I suspected, the mattress had been put on the bed upside down. So…this afternoon, DD stripped the bed, turned the mattress and made it up again. I’m a lot of trouble but I think she loves me, anyway.

I was still eating when my nephew came. We had quite a repast. Both fried and steamed okra, stewed squash with onion, mashed potatoes, peas, sliced tomatoes, “chicken” strips and a couple of rolls. I ate all but a little bit of the okra and a few peas. I’ve been promised pinto beans tomorrow. I noticed my scales in the bathroom. I may weigh tomorrow and see if I’m making any headway.

Cuz called Direct TV and she was told we could wait until April to add a DVR or I could buy it and get it next Wednesday. I went for next Wednesday. It’s a chunk o’ cash but it will pay for itself over time. I’ll cancel Hulu and, eventually, Netflix. I did watch Masterchef on Hulu this afternoon and it didn’t eat up as much data as I would have thought. It still did take a bite, though.

Time to close the shutters and wind up the awning. I’m done.

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  1. Lila August 31, 2016 at 7:06 am #

    Tommie, if you don’t gain weight from all you’re eating, there’s something terribly wrong! Wonderful that you have a good appetite. I hope DD is enjoying it as much as you are. I imagine she is also a fabulous cook. Already looking forward to reading your next post!

    • Tommie August 31, 2016 at 10:40 am #

      I was 120.0 lubs this morning with nothing on but my lightweight sandals.

      DD is working hard while she’s here. I guess she’s out at the house again, going through her things.

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