The Sloth

Yesterday, Cuz came and brought my grocery order plus tomatoes and tomatoes. Now, if I can just summon an appetite to eat it all.

I’d stripped the bed and put the sheets in to wash. When they were done, Cuz transferred them to the dryer and when THAT was done, she got them out and started making the bed. She also vacuumed and did some picking up.

During a lull, I heard a soft knock. I asked Cuz if that was her or someone at the door. There was another one and when she opened it, there was her sister. Sister helped her finish making the bed and then they left. Cuz promised to come back over and she did.

I was in bed earlier than usual and I didn’t cough a whole lot which was nice. If I knew the reason why, I’d duplicate it.

Today has been kind of on the downhill slide. My right arm has been very painful. It’s throbbed much of the day until I put Pain-a-Trate on it and that ruined my supper.

It had stormed a lot of the afternoon. After it kind of backed off, I got a package of Fordhooks out of the freezer and started them cooking. Cuz had brought me a couple ears of corn complete with shucks at my request so I cut the silks at the end off and put one in the oven. When those were almost ready, I sliced and fried the rest of the boiled potato from a couple of days ago. A half dozen tiny cherry tomatoes completed the plate.

I don’t know if the Pain-a-Trate penetrated into a part of my body that carried the taste to my mouth or if smelling it while eating made the limas taste funny. I was to the point of tossing the limas in the compost but maybe they’ll be okay once this wears off.

While I fixed my meal, I had to stop often to rest. That is so frustrating. Even when I blog, I have to lean back and breathe periodically. At the moment, it’s stopping to cough. It takes far longer than it should to write a post.

You can put the violins away now since I’m through complaining. In many ways, I’m still blessed. I have a roof over my head, food to eat and Catz that want to be petted. I have family and friends and a great support system. Now, if I had at least ONE good lung…

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  1. Lila July 24, 2016 at 7:57 am #

    Perhaps your night without coughing was an answer to prayer, or maybe that’s a foregone conclusion. At any rate, so thankful for it, and may you have many more such nights!

    • Tommie July 24, 2016 at 11:54 am #

      There was something different because it didn’t happen last night.

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