I didn’t sleep wonderfully well last night. I’d lost count of how much water I was drinking and I think I had more than usual. Then I failed to take my NAC with the last cup o’ tea for the day and had to drink another eight ozzies to wash that down. THEN I drank another eight ozzies to wash down my doxepin. Of course, I had to get up many many times to go to the bathroom and it would take a few minutes to catch my breath and quit coughing once I was back in bed.

DD sent me a forward about a donation on GoFundMe which prompted me to check the page. People, it’s over the goal! If you click the arrow button on the widget below, you’ll see the percentage right under the picture of moi.

There’s another PayPal donation given through the donate button that lives at the bottom of this page. It will increase the amount even more. DID YOU KNOW THAT??

There wasn’t much time for me to do anything else since today was my evaluation day for pulmonary rehab. After I showered, I had breakfast — one piece of toast with Earth Balance and blackberry jam. I was careful not to spill the jam on my clothes. I spilled on my ratty robe the other day and it looked like a splotch of blood but it came out in the wash.

Cuz came over at the appointed time and got me suited up. On the way down the mountain, she wanted to know if I missed the trip anywhere from six to seven days a week. No, I don’t. I’m past that now.

I was able to walk through the automatic doors that were being installed when I was discharged last year.

As instructed, I presented at the window and signed forms and had my cards copied. It was nice to see the old crew. A couple came out to visit with me briefly but everyone looked like they were worn to a frazzle. My successor said the schedule gives her fits. I remember those days and I’m just as happy I don’t have it to deal with. I had my method to keep up with it but it didn’t make it a whole lot less of a headache.

The time I spent sitting in the lobby rested me up from the trip from the van. The therapist came up and introduced herself, then walked us back to the rehab area. She was impressed with my speed and the fact that I made it all the way without having to stop to rest. Cuz was carrying the oxygen tank and my purse so I didn’t have any extra weight.

The therapist is an attractive girl. She’s very fit and mentions she usually hits the gym daily. It came up that I’m vegan and she said her mother-in-law is vegan, too. Small world.

I had to fill out more forms and one of them absolves the company from any liability should I injure or kill myself while participating. There were other forms she had to fill out that had about a bazillion questions. Not only that, she put more in an envelope to send home with me. She said it’s “homework”.

She mentioned the physical therapist and I thought, “Mm-hmm. If he’s around, I’d better lay in a supply of Chocolove.” He liked the poems that are printed on the inside of the wrappers and I’d leave him a few squares of chocolate.

Bariatric WheelchairBefore we left, she talked me into letting her wheel me out to the van in a wheelchair (what else?). At the Mother Ship, all of the wheelchairs are the oversized bariatric ones. The one she fetched was more my size.

The oxygen tank was almost empty so Cuz switched to another one before we started out. When we were almost out to the road, she asked if I wanted to go straight to “home sweet home”. I told her yes. That if Mother were around, she’d say, “Home, James, and don’t spare the horses!” She said she’d never heard that before. If she’d lived with my mother, she would have heard a lot more than that.

I’d printed off the ALDI ad this morning so she got it off the printer and put it in the van. Before she left, she came back over and took my grocery order for Friday. I finally remembered to give her one of the coupons for 55 cents off tofu. Thankfully, they don’t have an expiration date.

After I’d “set a spell”, I decided I would fix more than a snack for supper. I was so hungry, I was shaking more than usual. I mixed up a loaf to bake and had to wing it on time and temperature. I think I left it too long. It tasted very salty. Before I had that, though, I had the rest of my last cucumber and one of the roma tomatoes. I’d cooked a potato and mashed that on the plate with a little kala namak. I mixed up some gravy but I didn’t have enough water to begin with and by the time I boiled some more, it had cooled off so it was more like broth. I put that over both the loaf and the potato. Of course, I couldn’t end the meal with so much salt. I got out the full pint of Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie and fixed a cone.

It’s a given I had to have my coughing episodes and they wore me out to the point I didn’t think I’d be able to blog tonight but here I am. I never did get around to chatting with a rep about the warranty on the POC so I will have to do that tomorrow.

DS1 sent an email that a man I’ve known for years had a massive heart attack while doing a stress test. The therapist told me today that I won’t be pushed beyond what I can do. That’s a relief. Oh, and when she checked my blood pressure, it was 116/60, I think. O2 sat was 98%. Now, if I could just breathe…

I’ve updated Chrome to the latest version and I really miss the backspace button to go back to the previous page. An article said it will be restored for “power users”. I hadn’t considered myself one before but I must be. I’ll have to find out the magic potion to get it done.

The Convention has had to proceed without me. All it will be from here on out is a lot of Hillary bashing so I don’t think I’ll miss anything. I caught up on The Daily Show’s coverage and the interview at the last was very interesting. I found the extended interview with Michael Steele (former RNC chairman) and it’s even more interesting. Click here to watch it. I tried to find it on youtube but it isn’t there yet. That didn’t keep me from getting sidetracked and watching early clips of Trevor Noah.

That’s enough for tonight. I hope we all sleep well. I don’t know about you but I’m due.

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  1. Lila July 21, 2016 at 7:19 am #

    Sounds like a very full day! Glad you had enough oomph left to fix some food and eat. I’m telling you something you don’t already know, but that Cuz is worth a million!

  2. Mary Jane Graves July 21, 2016 at 8:09 am #

    It’s wonderful that the fund is full and overflowing! In spite of all the bad news and terrible things that are happening, there are still many caring people in the world!

    • Tommie July 21, 2016 at 10:08 am #

      Yes, there are a lot of people in my corner and I’m blessed!

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