Almost Tomorrow

Dropping off to sleep is something I do really well these days. That’s exactly what I did after I ate. When I woke, I thought it was after 9. It wasn’t. It was after 11. So here I am.

DD called earlier than usual but I told her I hadn’t eaten yet so she agreed to call again after merm’s visit was over.

Cuz came and mowed today. After she got through doing that, she came in and emptied the compost, finished emptying the dishwasher and took out the trash. The last one should’ve included me, the way I feel.

Before she left, she sat down to talk. Her construction partner can get around by himself now so that’s a plus. His nerve stimulator thingy isn’t working but she can’t call about it until tomorrow because no one will be in the office until then.

After she’d locked me in (she’d fed the Catz), I set about getting breakfast. I had two pieces of toast, one with blackberry jam and the other with peach. They were both good. Then I had a tiny helping of chia pudding. Time was when the first jar would have been finished off long before this but that time’s gone. I topped all that off with a cup of Breath Free.

My little notifications icon was lit up so I clicked on it and found that there had been yet another shooting in Baton Rouge. I don’t know what the answer is. I hardly even know the questions but something has got to give. People blame the POTUS but they might as well be blaming each other since his hands are pretty much tied.

When the Second Amendment was written, I don’t believe the Founding Fathers meant it to be interpreted the way it is today. There are those who object and say there were guns that would shoot multiple rounds then but a person couldn’t walk into one of a multitude of gun shops, gun shows or pawn shops and buy one. They were the exception rather than the rule. “But the attacker in Nice drove a truck.” True, but so many resort to firearms.

As of May 1, at least 23 people were shot by toddlers this year, some fatally. People, if you own a gun, put it where a little person can’t get it. A loaded gun with the safety off shouldn’t be lying around where it can be easily accessed.

I’ve shot my share of cans off fence posts. I was pretty good at it. It was fun. No one got hurt but everyone respected what a gun can do if it’s handled carelessly. How to keep them out of the hands of disturbed people is another problem entirely but so many accidental shootings can be prevented. Maybe to keep from getting shot by someone mentally unbalanced would mean we could all become a nation of hermits.

My potato had just gone in the oven when DD called. We talked until the timer dinged. I set it for 10 more minutes and we talked some more. She’s bought an Instant Pot. I don’t know what model she has but she thinks she’ll like it. If I were still able to get up and fix meals, I’d be tempted, too. It looks like it could be fun.

I took my first Prilosec this morning and filled my little pill organizer that holds my thyroid med with it. I hate to go back on it but I don’t see anything else I can do and still eat.

Well, it’s ‘way past getting to “tomorrow” but I can fake people out and edit the publish time so this will look like I finished it up on Sunday.

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