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Yesterday was busy by my current standards. I washed a big load of clothes consisting of my ratty robe, one of Mother’s dresses and a headband. I didn’t feel inspired to do anything else. If I had, I wouldn’t have been able to so it’s just as well.

Cuz called and said she was having to stay with her construction partner. When the pain med wore off after his procedure, he was very sore and had to have help for the simplest things. She’d send my CIL with what I needed.

My CIL got here with my grocery order. I’ve started another tab with Cuz but there’s more that should be on it. She got me some things the other day that didn’t get written down. When he came in, he said something about the garage but I didn’t understand what it was. I went out and fed the Catz but, before he left, I asked him what he’d put in the freezer out there. He said nothing. When I told him he’d said something about it, he said he’d put food out for the Catz. Oh, well, they got fed twice.

blackberry-on-bush-macroBesides the groceries, he also brought some blackberry jam, peach jam and squash pickles. I’ve only tried the blackberry jam but it was good on toast. Cuz had sent along some plums (only one was ripe yet), several peaches (still greenish) and two tomatoes. The tomatoes are history.

I had a text from my friend from church. She’d be a little late because of having to find her car keys. When she got here, she brought me some more tomatoes — one large one, some Romas and a little bag of yellow cherry tomatoes. She also brought me two jars of chia pudding and was concerned that it hadn’t thickened the way it should. It did, though, and I’ve made inroads on one of the jars.

We’ve had some doozies of storms. One came rolling through today. It had cleared out, though, before the pastor called. I’d been dozing in Mother’s chair. I’d wake myself when my mouth would fall open.

The pastor got here about 2:30 and we had a good visit. He’d brought, at my request, little cups for the grape juice. I told him if I’d tried to hold one of the tiny cups they use at church, I would be wearing the juice rather than drinking it. He administered Communion and then we went on with our talking.

He was interested in my background and was surprised to learn that I was born in the town on the other side of the mountain from him. After I’d told him the Reader’s Digest condensed version of my life, he said I should write it down. I told him I have. It’s right here in my blog. He asked me to send him the links for that as well as the one for the Tennessee Chain Gang my great-great uncle was sentenced to for working on Sunday. Anyone interested in reading about moi, the category is SAD to Raw and it starts here. The link for the Chain Gang is here. A disclaimer about the latter: no one I know ever talked like that.

Asking about my children, I told him DD will be flying out next month to spend a week. I’ll probably see my sons during the time she’s here. Otherwise, it’s only occasionally since they’re both so busy with other things.

After he had prayer with me, he left.

I watched part of a documentary about Notorious Women of the Bible. I’ll finish it later. I didn’t learn much that was new.

Methinks I’m going to have to go back on a PPI. I have plenty so it will be no problem. I didn’t do away with my supply when I stopped taking them for the BRAVO. There’s almost constant burning and when I chewed some Tums this afternoon, they left such a bad taste in my mouth that nothing tasted good at supper. I hate to go back on them but I probably won’t live long enough to break a hip or something, anyway.

The GoFundMe campaign is a dollar over $7,000 and the donate button still lives at the bottom of this page. I called the DME supply place yesterday and talked to a nice lady. She said they sell the OxyGo. It looked awfully familiar so I went to the Inogen website and chatted with a rep. Yes, they make the OxyGo. I’ll call the DME place again Monday and ask some more questions. Depending on the answers, I think I’ve pretty much made up my mind.

I’m tired. It’s probably from the inactivity as much as anything but when a person doesn’t have the energy God gave a sloth…I could kick myself for getting so worked up the other day. I was feeling just a smidge better that morning but let it all go because of something someone took exception to. I have to let things go and not care what other people think. It does no good retroactively, though.

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