A Research Kind of Day

The big news is that DD got my GoFundMe page set up and it’s ready to go.

There’s yet another way to donate if it’s preferred. It’s through PayPal. There’s a donate button at the bottom of each page under “Show your support”. PayPal is easy to use and completely free for sending money to friends if a bank account or PayPal balance (or a combination of the two) is used. If the donation is debit or credit card, PayPal deducts 2.9% plus 30 cents for each donation. Be assured any help is appreciated!

When I went out to feed the Catz, Black Tom was still as eager to be petted but he didn’t try to paw me. Maybe he’s learned his lesson. We can hope.

Yogi Tea BagsAfter I ate my blueberries for breakfast, I got brave and opened another container of “shake” powder. I blended up a cup of cashew milk with a banana and a scoop of the mix. It might have been the overripe banana but it didn’t taste all that good. I added a pinch of soda and blended it again. It was better. I drank half of it and couldn’t stomach the rest. It went down the drain. I ate a Lemon Golden Berry Health Warrior bar. It wasn’t delicious but it was tolerable. A cup of Breathe Deep finished the meal.

The doorbell rang and I was in the bathroom. I had had a coughing episode and coughed so hard it brought tears to my eyes. The doorbell rang a couple more times before I could get there to answer it. When I did, there was Cuz holding a bag with four pints of blueberries in it. She put them on the counter and went back for the rest of my grocery order — a watermelon and a cantaloupe. Hopefully, they will be good ‘uns. The cantaloupe definitely needs to sit on the counter for another day or three. It’s hard to tell with a watermelon. My brother-in-law liked to plug ’em to see if they were good or not. I’m sure the sellers didn’t appreciate it.

Cuz took out the trash and my collection of boxes from my orders for supplements and asked if there were anything else I needed her to do. At the moment, I couldn’t think of anything but I kicked myself later because the compost needs to be emptied and the handle is so loose on the pan I’m afraid it will fall apart. I’ve tried tightening it and it works loose again. I guess it needs some Loctite but I don’t think I have any.

She stayed for just a little while and we talked. It was over ‘way too soon because she had a “cranky man” in the van, waiting.

The rest of my day was spent in researching. I chatted with someone on the Inogen website and asked if their concentrators would be right for me. They have pulse flow rather than continuous. The chatter said they’d contact my doctor for an order and have him decide what I should have. So…I didn’t pursue it this afternoon.

Cuz doesn’t have Internet in the valley. We talked about that today so I started shopping for Internet services. There were several listed for the zip code but none of them extend out to where the house actually is. Satellite would be the only option. She has DirectTV which partners with AT&T for Internet but AT&T doesn’t service that area.

What hurts is the data cap. Here, where I am, I have a 600 GB cap a month. I think the most I’ve ever used is between 150-160 GB. Hughesnet data cap for Max is 20 GB daytime plus 50 GB between 2 a.m. and 8 a.m. Ultra is 50 GB but it doesn’t look like it would be available for her. Down speed for Max is 15 Mb which is just under what I have at 18. Bless her heart! I wish she could get better than that. Oh, and I pay $47 a month for mine and Max is $119.99. Highway robbery!

At supper, I finished the rest of the eggplant. I’d thawed out the Tartex (it wasn’t actually frozen but it’s hard to get out of the tube when it’s been refrigerated) and made a half sandwich. I started the meal with a So Delicious Vanilla Bean ice cream cone. I don’t think I’m gonna starve.

I’ve started taking NAC again. I think it does make me feel better. It may not make me BREATHE better but if it helps me everywhere else, why not?

It’s almost tomorrow. Sounds like a song. I need to stop and go to bed soon. May all of us sleep well and not cough.

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