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Last night, I opened the package holding my second pillow. I unzipped it, took a measuring cup and removed two cups of filling from the pillow. It’s stowed (along with the same from the other pillow) in a Ziploc storage bag. I put pillowcases on both and placed them on the bed where they would fit under my arms.

telephoneI was snoozing quite comfortably when the phone rang. Thankfully, I had a handset on the shelf right beside the bed. It was DS1. He was surprised I wasn’t already awake. I guess he doesn’t read my blog, after all. Eight o’clock is ‘way too early any more. And, no, it isn’t a phone like this but my children had one when they were very young.

He was working but the short trip was taking him and his driving partner through the valley right next to my mountain. He gave me a running narration of the sights for the next few minutes. When he paused, I asked him about the smart phone he’d replaced. Yes, he still had it and no, I didn’t need to pay him for it. I told him the air purifier works with a phone smarter than mine so he said he and my DIL would be up “sometime” and see if it would work with his. He told me he’s getting a new phone around Christmas and will be going with a different carrier. He changes cell phones every little whoopstitch. Me, I’ve had two.

While we were talking, I got up and went to the bathroom. He commented I sounded like i was having trouble breathing. Well, yes. I’d exerted myself. I think he was surprised. He hasn’t seen me in this shape. The last time he was here, I had been on oxygen for just about a week.

After we hung up, I took my thyroid med and went back to bed. I had no trouble nodding off.

Cuz called me on up in the day and I got voice mail from DD. Funny thing, the phone hadn’t rung. I called her back and we talked for just over an hour.

I finally realized the dishes weren’t going to load themselves in the dishwasher so I did it and ran it. Wonder of wonders, I even put them away when it was through! I’ll probably pay for my activities tomorrow.

Fed the Catz. Petted Catz. Gave extra attention to Black Tom because he demanded it. I don’t think he’s through growing. His feet are still larger in relation to the rest of him. Rather than getting fat and lazy, though, he looks like he’s taking after me and losing weight.

Well, that’s about it for today. I’m still blown away that George Will has left the GOP. He hasn’t said who he’ll vote for except it won’t be Trump. When Bernie was asked if he’d vote for the Donald, he said (and I quote since I don’t use that kind of language), “Oh, God no!”

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