Bananas, Blueberries and Toothpaste

It’s already late o’clock and I’m just getting started on this. It will probably be tomorrow before I get it finished so bear with me.

After my pity party yesterday, I was feeling a little guilty. Well, more than a little. I asked the people on the devotional site I visit daily to pray for me. A lot of them always do and let me know it. I believe it’s because of prayer that I’m doing as well as I am.

I’d done my morning chores, had my quiet time and did my Wii Fit Body Test. I’d lost a lub and a half but I think a lot of it was water weight. I’d noted last night that my ankles and feet were a bit swollen. I’ve kept my feet elevated some today.

The Catz were fed — four of them showed up along with the neighbor cat. Still no sign of the black tom. I’m beginning to think the worst.

A little after 9, a text from one of my friends from church came through. She was going to Costco. Did I need anything? Normally, I would have asked for Campari tomatoes but since I’m off such for the most part I said no. However, if they stopped at ALDI, I needed blueberries and bananas. She said she’d see what she could do.

Tom's ToothpasteALDI wasn’t on the agenda but she humored me. Then she called and said she was going to Walmart. Did I need anything from there? Well, not the one where she was but my local one. I had a prescription ready to pick up and I needed toothpaste. Well, Walmart was Walmart and she’d be going right by it, anyway. I made sure she had my date of birth and a description of the toothpaste I use.

She assured me it would be later in the day when they got through and would be able to deliver my orders. I told her that was fine. Whenever they did make it, I would be here.

Last night was a little warm for sleeping so I had sweated some. I figured a bath was in order plus I needed to “clip my claws” as my sister says. I can’t do that in the shower.

While I was in the tub, thunder rumbled off in the distance. I prayed it would stay away long enough for me to finish and get out before I was fried by lightning. It did and I did. Get out. I was most thankful.

Later, it clouded up dark as twilight. The thunder crashed a few times and the rain poured. Where the cap to the vent is missing over the stove, the rain came in and thoroughly wet it with nasty brownish water. So much for the nice job Cuz had done cleaning it. The rain is supposed to continue on, off and on, through Sunday night.

It was probably around 5:30 when my friend showed up with my purchases. I used to PayPal her but she said something was wrong and she couldn’t get access to her account so I could just mail her a check. We visited and she told me about what they’re doing in their greenhouses. It sounds like quite a setup. If I had the energy, I might be jealous.

After she left, I put everything away. The bananas are going to need a few days to get ripe but they aren’t the glow in the dark green a lot of them are. I went to my online banking and requested a check to be mailed to her. If she’s going to get it that way, the bank can pay for the stamp.

Cuz called tonight and said she’s been working a split shift. She gets up early and works in the cool of the day then goes home when it’s hot. When it begins to cool off again, she’s back at it. I don’t know how much more she has to do but this has proven to be quite a project. She’s painting a farm house with multiple garages and she’s had to replace a lot of broken and rotted parts.

She said my CIL will be up tomorrow to check on the place and he can bring me anything I need. I told her riper bananas would be nice. I need to let her know to have him bring the mail in. It’s been over a week since the box has been emptied.

I’d been hoarding the few blueberries I had because I didn’t want to use them up too soon. With two quarts in the fridge, I went ahead and finished off the last pint I’d had left for supper. My friend wondered if the four pint carton for $5 at Costco wouldn’t be the same or cheaper than the ones at ALDI. Turns out they’d be a little cheaper but I can manage the pint cartons better. I think they keep longer unwashed so I’ll do them one at a time as needed. Tomorrow, I can eat all I want. WOOHOO!

Thankfully, I’m not feeling lower than an earthworm. My sister said she’d wave her magic wand and fix everything if she had one. My other sister checked Amazon and said they have several different kinds. I recommend buying one of each to be on the safe side. Is help on the way?

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  1. Mary Jane Graves June 3, 2016 at 6:38 am #

    I’ll try again… (“It” said it wasn’t working before.) Let’s continue enjoying the blueberries while they are abundant and on sale!

    • Tommie June 3, 2016 at 9:37 am #

      The other comment came through, too. I’ll delete it but I agree with the sentiment!!

  2. Alice Fontana June 3, 2016 at 12:02 pm #

    Oh Tommie, you ARE a survivor! I so enjoy your blog and UR postings. Because of a recent DX of celiac sprue disease, I look to your blog for ideas and encouragement … I’m sure many do the same. I am 68 and, in hindsight, probably have had celiac most of my life. Probably contributed/caused my colon cancer in 2010.
    I love your country lifestyle and your love of furkids, especially cats. I was raised on a small farm in Victor, Montana, so the love of animals comes naturally. Thank you again, Tommie, and I continue to pray for you and the absent furkids…❤🌹

    • Tommie June 3, 2016 at 12:34 pm #

      Oh, my, Alice! So you are having to go gluten free. Even though I don’t have an intolerance to gluten, I prefer gluten free pasta. You are fortunate there are so many options out there now. Lots of recipes are on the Internet, too. I wish you all blessings in your new “adventure”.

      I’m going to ask my CIL to look around for the black tom. I can’t believe he’s absented himself by choice. He’s ‘way too affectionate to stay away on his own.

  3. Alice Fontana June 4, 2016 at 12:50 am #

    Thank you Tommie. What brand of pasta do you use? Is it made with brown rice? I’ve tried one brand so far but wasn’t impressed. I’m sure I’ll adapt to my adventure with little trouble. God tells me I can do this …. and the grocery stores seem to be very accommodating to gluten free. It’s late…..goodnight..

    • Tommie June 4, 2016 at 8:28 pm #

      I have some Tinkyada which is okay but what I really like is Sam Mills pasta. It comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes and is made of corn flour (non-GMO). Amazon has it in bulk but my local Super Walmart has it. It’s reasonably priced, too.

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