Still Breathing

It’s much too late to start this but I haven’t been going to sleep until a lot later than this so I might as well keep on.

Backing up to Thursday, I’d been thinking it would be nice to have a tablet for when I’m in bed but not sleeping. Lately, I’ve been having to crawl in during the day more and more.

Not wanting to just jump in and get something without doing my homework, I cruised around Amazon. I looked and prayed and looked some more. I considered the Chromebook but was put off by some of the complaints about the keyboard and touchpad not switching off when it is in tablet mode.

The Surface 3 looked interesting but the fact that it plus the keyboard would be over $600 made it hard to swallow.

Transformer3I’d looked at the ASUS Transformer several times and kept going back to it. I submitted a question and got my answer in the affirmative so I figured it was time to take the plunge. I’d been saving all of my gift cards since my birthday and had most of the purchase price. I went to Discover and requested my cash back balance to be transferred to my banking account. It wouldn’t take all of it but I figured I might as well clear it out and start over. At least, if I die soon, it won’t be hanging out there, unclaimed.

Doing some serious praying, I went ahead and pressed the button to submit my order. It, plus a 64 GB micro SD card and a mini-mouse were all but mine.

Then, yesterday, this showed up in my Google News feed. Wouldn’t you know it? Well, what was done was done and I’d prayed about it. Maybe I wasn’t supposed to see that and put off buying until I might not be able to enjoy it. In the meantime, I’ll have it.

Not much else happened yesterday. I didn’t change the bed. I figured skipping a week won’t hurt. My robe might have been able to stand on its own so I washed it along with the few other things that were in the basket. I didn’t have the energy to get them out of the dryer so everything except the robe is still there. I took my shower early and was in bed by 11.

When I ordered the Transformer, I figured it wouldn’t be here until Monday. I might’ve put it off if I’d known it would be delivered today but that’s what tracking showed. Sure enough, when I got up and went out to feed the Catz, there was the package on the chair next to the door.

I opened it just to make sure the contents were okay since the box was bent. All was fine so I left the neat little shrink-wrapped box on the table along with the micro SD card. It could wait until after sundown.

Church at the university was over by the time I was situated to watch anything so I went to the archives and watched the Pathfinder Sabbath service. I was hoping to get a glimpse of my granddaughter but it didn’t happen. Whoever was doing the AV was either careless or a novice or maybe both because the audio would cut out frequently and it would go to the desktop every now and then. The computer was running Windows 10, I do believe.

After that was over, I watched the last service uploaded — two weeks ago. That’s the last week I’ve been to church. It was a good message on Revelation. The opening video is quite dramatic, showing a time-lapse creation of artwork (Jesus and the seven candlesticks). The organist was different than the one I’m used to seeing there but she is very good.

Netflix has the Gospel of John in three different translations dramatized. I started watching one and found it wasn’t in English. It had English sub-titles but I left that one and went to the NIV. I watched almost a half hour of it when I started falling asleep so I paused it and slept sitting here in Mother’s chair.

Going back to bed seemed like the best plan so I did — for a little while. I’d gotten it in my head (brain fog) that merm and her girlfriend’s live feed would be just about 5 so I got up and checked. No. It would be on the other side of 7 PDT at 9 TT. When it was time, I missed it, anyway, but saw the video. It sounded like they were speaking Thai (they were on their way to the airport to fly out of Bangkok) and about all I understood was “Bangkok” and “airport”. It kept cutting in and out and when there was a sentence, it was garbled and didn’t match the movement of the lips. Reminded me of the old Japanese movies dubbed into English.

It was impossible to get the lid on the compost pan so I took my cannula off and made it outside and back after emptying it into the bucket. I had to sit down and rest. The exertion without O2 made me feel like I was going to pass out. I didn’t want to give fruit flies a free breeding ground, though.

There was an email from the fellow in South Africa. He had finished and uploaded the rest of the helps files. I figured it would be a good idea for me to get them done, too, and have my part out of the way. I did and when I let the editor know, she said, “It just occurred to me that, in spite of my good intentions, I haven’t done anything with the templates for 16c. If you could take care of them, I’d be really grateful.” ARGGGHHH! Just what I don’t need. I wrote back, “I’ll try but I get very tired very easily these days. I’ve been on O2 24/7 for two weeks now.” She responded, “Let me see what I can get done in the next little while. I’ll let you know when I quit working on them.” I haven’t heard anything.

PeacockThe Transformer was duly unpacked after sundown and is currently charging. I’ll crank it up tomorrow and see what’s what. My purse will be the perfect size for carrying it but I let the sleeve go to DS1 with my first netbook so I ordered another one. This is fancier. When I got the confirmation email, the price was considerably lower. I checked the invoice and $3.60 had been deducted for a promotion. Fine with me.

I probably ate too much supper but it’s nice to be able to eat and halfway enjoy it. I’d only lost 2/10 lub this morning. My Mii chided me and said it might be hard for me to reach my goal at that rate since I only have 358 (or so) days. Oh, well. I’d set it for five lubs in a year.

Stopping to cough and stopping to rest has stretched this out ‘way too long. I need to stop and take care of me now.

4 Responses to Still Breathing

  1. Lila May 22, 2016 at 6:18 am #

    I’m getting more and more thankful for Cuz, and I imagine you are too, if that’s possible. You know you are in my prayers. I’m thankful you are beginning to eat a little more – never mind the pounds, you need nourishment!

    • Tommie May 22, 2016 at 4:50 pm #

      I’m thankful for Cuz but I haven’t seen or heard from her since Tuesday. She told me she’s just a phone call away but I don’t want to bother her. I was up by .4 lub this morning.

  2. Mary Jane Graves May 22, 2016 at 4:33 pm #

    Congratulations on your purchase! Hope it turns out to be just the right one.

    • Tommie May 22, 2016 at 4:49 pm #

      Me, too. I haven’t been up to doing much with it yet.

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