It’s Been Another Monday

My melatonin came through and I got a good night’s sleep. I may have even caught up on some I’ve missed the couple of nights before that. Once, I woke and was drenched with sweat so it was obviously too hot in here. At the moment, it’s 75 so I hope it will be cool enough and I won’t have to turn the a/c on. Which reminds me — I do have the EcoBreeze.

The old stomach has felt better so I’ve eaten more. The bananas Cuz brought should be ready to eat by tomorrow so I’ll add one to my breakfast. One thing I’ve been eating on is a can of Nuti-Loaf. It isn’t delicious. I was hoping for something close to Numete and this isn’t it. The addition of salt helps. I use kala namak (of course) but I’d imagine any kind would help rather than hurt. It’s very bland. I need to get in touch with Spice Labs about the last salt I bought. It’s much too fine for a salt shaker and tends to clump on the way out.

I worked on the lessons and found two new helps files in WordPress. I took it on faith the guy in South Africa had finished them, so I imported them into KompoZer and formatted them.


The anchors and links have been added to both the helps files and the lessons 1-5 now. This has been the smoothest quarter so far. I’ve been left alone to do my thing. It remains to be seen if the editor has even thought about the templates. I hope to heaven I won’t have them to do, too.

DS1 called me about Sabbath. He was asking questions that let me know he hadn’t looked at the bulletin file I’d sent him. When I asked, he admitted he hadn’t. I told him to go over it and get back in touch with me with however they want to do the church service. I think he’s going to do the children’s story. If he’ll look at the second page, he’ll see that the deadline for info is Wednesday, 19:00 CDT.

Cuz’ construction partner wondered if my breathing is worse because of the pollen. I have no idea what the air quality is. It’s supposed to rain off and on tomorrow through Friday which will be a blessing and a curse. My brother-in-law had a theory that rain holds the pollen in suspension and when it dries out, it’s added to the current crop. I’ve Googled it and found that he wasn’t the only one who believed that.

I’m going to do something different tonight and not comment on the news. It’s depressing, anyway. If I’m going to take a bath, I need to go ahead and do it. Time’s a’wastin’.

3 Responses to It’s Been Another Monday

  1. Lila May 10, 2016 at 7:11 am #

    I choose to believe the rain helps settle the pollen. At least I feel better about it that way.

    • Tommie May 10, 2016 at 9:35 pm #

      Even though the doctor who saved your life believed otherwise?

      • Lila May 11, 2016 at 6:44 am #

        Yep! Come to think of it, I didn’t have allergies then. Guess they have come with maturity (ahem!).

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