I Lied

Really, I’d truly intended not to do anything else on the lessons last night but the quarterly was sitting there, looking at me. I picked it up and, before I knew it, I’d gone through two of the lessons and made additions and corrections. Today, I did number 3 and I’m ready to start on number 4. Please forgive me for lying. Or, as I’ve read it on Facebook, “lieing”. You can see some really creative spelling there.

DS1 called today to get particulars about the church service and added “Happy Mother’s Day” later via text.

Cuz came and brought me my prescription, some bananas and oranges. She mowed the lawn and weed eated where it was needed but she left my little patch of garlic. I was warned the garlic would take over when I planted it. That was eons ago and I’m still waiting.

DD called later and wished me a Happy Mother’s Day while I coughed and coughed and coughed. She posted this picture of us on Facebook, taken in Leavenworth, WA, almost four years ago. I’ve got to quit looking at photos of myself. Makes me want to wear a paper bag even around the house.

DD and Me

She also sent me an Amazon gift card. It’s called “Mom Tattoo”, not that I think she has one.

Mom Tattoo

That adds more to the fund to get what, I don’t know.

DS2 called a little while ago and I answered the phone but it just kept ringing. That happened twice. I’ve been in the bathroom coughing so maybe it’s just as well we don’t try to talk tonight. He left voice mail and replied to a text I sent him. That makes four out of four. (Cuz is my daughter, too.)

Friday night, I didn’t think I was going to be able to catch my breath after I went to bed. I spent a lot of yesterday afternoon with O2 stuck up my nose and “slept” with it last night. Most of the time, I was restless. I’d failed to use my melatonin cream. (My sister uses some she rubs on her temples. I put mine on the insides of my wrists.) I don’t plan to forget it tonight.

When DD and I were on the phone today, I sent her the link for the Lung Institute, LLC. I’ve wanted to ask the pulmonologist about it but he hasn’t returned my call. DD used to work for the American Lung Association so she advised me to look around there. I did, some, but I didn’t see anything much about stem cell therapy. I can’t afford to get caught up in something that isn’t legit and since it isn’t covered by insurance…

Cuz was talking about the prospects coming up in November and figures none of the above is the best choice. Honestly, it’s so common to see “hate” in the headlines these days, it’s downright sickening. I want to put myself out there and say I don’t hate anyone. There’s one Tangerine Terror I’d prefer not to see elected but, if he is, he will be my president along with everyone else’s. As for the other two, the exchanges have become so toxic, it’s hard to be able to tolerate one over the other, let alone have a favorite.

As to what I’ll write about after the election’s over? If I should live that long, we’ll just have to wait and find out.

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