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The preparation for the third quarter lessons is moving right along but I’m kind of stuck since I don’t have the final printed copy. I emailed the person from church to ask if the new ones have come in yet and told her, “I’m being pushed to get ‘er done so let me have one as soon as they are here.” She wrote back, “ok…how does a volunteer get pushed to get something done, maybe if they want you to ‘get it done’, they should send you the quarterly.” Like Archie, she eschews caps.

Since she doesn’t know how things work, I sent her this explanation. “I usually get the quarterly before THEY do. We are all volunteers. The editor of the site even pays for the server out of her own pocket. We aren’t affiliated with the GC. The online lessons are formatted from the manuscript emailed to us by someone at the Office of the Adult Bible Study Guide. P. from Maine does the initial formatting. F. in South Africa creates the Helps References (all the Bible texts and context for the EGW quotes). The editor, I. in Canada, and I go over the formatted file and send P. our corrections. I (in Tennessee 🙂 ) format the Helps, insert links and do the final formatting/proofreading. It’s our independent mission for the church at large. It isn’t unusual for the lessons to have 200,000 visitors from all over the world on any Friday.” I haven’t heard back.

It got pretty hot in the house today. When it hit 80, I turned on the a/c and got it down to 74. It’s off now and it’s climbed back to almost 76. The Eco Breeze is going so I’ll be okay when I’m sleeping.

No sign of Six today but she could have been out there when I wasn’t looking. When I went for the first feeding, one of the Catz got to the initial bowl before the black tom. He plowed in on top of her and tried to get to the food that way. I think they were hungry. There was food left in the bowls yesterday afternoon so I hadn’t put any more out.

On the politics front (or should I say affront?) things are getting nastier on the GOP side. John Boehner has said Ted Cruz is “Lucifer in the flesh” and “a miserable S.O.B.” (except he didn’t use the acronym). He’s evidently pretty cozy with the Donald, calling him his “golfing and texting buddy”. It’s enough to send shivers up and down the spine.


There are pundits who are playing Taps for Bernie already and there are still 10 states and D.C. that haven’t held primaries or caucuses yet. It’s true that Bernie would have to win a huge percentage but stranger things have happened. According to my calculations, he would have to have 1065 more in pledged delegates to make the magic number. There are some that haven’t been allocated yet but not enough to make up that number and the total of the next 11 primaries/caucuses is 942. Much as he rails against super delegates, he’d have to swing a bunch of them over to his side to do it.

He may have seen the writing on the wall in spite of his resolve to stay the course. He’s talking less about Hillary and more about the Democratic party in general. He’s already had an effect and will no doubt continue to do so. If, and that’s a big IF, there’s another debate, it will be held in May. For sure, there will be debates to come between the GOP and Democrat nominees. That’s when the rubber will meet the road.

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