And the Race Goes On

Almost first on today’s agenda (for me, anyway) was to shoot myself in the leg. The liquid is getting low in the vial so I wasn’t sure I’d be able to fill the syringe without getting out another one but I did and with minimal effort. What about me?!

In the early afternoon, I finally got around to doing what I’d intended to for days. When my in-laws lived next door, my FIL had the place looking like a park. He had beautiful azaleas lining the inside of the circle ‘way up on the other side of the driveway. There are a few left and since Cuz cleaned out around them, they are thriving.


On my way back to the house, I spied a little patch of narcissus. I didn’t tempt fate and bend over to pick some. I had to imagine how they smelled.


Later, I took a shower, got dressed (!) and went to town to get my Bargains of the Week. The poor girl who checked me out is new. She’s been employed for all of three weeks and has been on the register for one. And I had price match items. Of course.

First, she couldn’t find the strip with the UPC on the oranges (I discovered it was there when I got home). Two different people had to come help her get through that. When she finally got the right price to come up, she couldn’t match it with my ad so she had to get help again. All that so I could save 49 cents each on two four lub bags.

There were 15 avocados at 39 cents each (regular price, 88 cents) and, once again, she had to have help. I was feeling bad by that time and told her I’m the Problem Child.

She got help from the girl on the register behind her for the Silk (2/$5, regular price $2.98 each) so no supervisor had to be alerted. I wished her luck for the rest of her day. According to my calculations, I saved $9.29 with price match.

When I got home and unloaded, the house felt very warm so I turned the a/c on for a couple of hours. It’s still 77 in here so I have the Eco Breeze running. Much over 74 and I don’t sleep well.

I’ve worked a little on less13m but I still have a lot to do. Hopefully, the printed lesson book (aka The Quarterly) will arrive at the church soon. I don’t like to do too much without having it to refer to.

On the primary front, Hillary has won three states, Bernie one and one was too close to call the last time I checked. The Donald has swept all five so the Frenemies may not be able to stop him. I’m not going to post a picture because everyone knows what they all look like by now. Personally, I’m getting tired of seeing their faces. I just want this OVER.

And now to a different subject. The other day, one of my Facebook friends posted a link to a long article about a woman who’d been a tomboy in her youth but didn’t transition. I was a tomboy, myself, and I didn’t transition, either. To say that either one of us was transgender is missing the boat, altogether. Tomboy doesn’t equal transgender. Transgender is in a different category, completely.

And now to illustrate what the Bathroom Bill has done to one transgender woman (and her trans friends), another article has been posted.

To debunk all the horror stories being put out there, take a look at this video.

Someone has made the argument that the trans community makes up such a small percentage of the total society, their rights should be disregarded. Until the Bathroom Bills came into being, I doubt very many people had thought about whether or not the person in the next stall was trans. This whole mess has the smell of being manufactured to steer people away from the real issues facing us.

And if you think that being transgender is something that is easy, just take a look at this article. Maybe it will open your eyes.

Now I’ll climb down off my soapbox and do elsewise. May all of us sleep well tonight and think generous thoughts.

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  1. Lila April 27, 2016 at 6:54 am #

    Thought you were going to say the real issue was to get people not to use public restrooms. Maybe that’s the answer!

    • Tommie April 27, 2016 at 1:39 pm #

      I’d be in low posy if I couldn’t use a public restroom. I don’t always need to “go” but when I do, I don’t have a choice whether or not I have my birth certificate with me.

      Trans people are already victimized. They don’t need more added to an already heavy burden.

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