Still Learning

That could also read, “Still Crazy” but I won’t presume to hijack such a notable song.

I’d brushed my teeth yesterday afternoon but I waited until after I did a breathing treatment to Waterpik and floss. BIG mistake! I was so shaky, the water was threatening to go everywhere. You can be sure I didn’t do it in that order today. Actually, I don’t blog after a breathing treatment because that makes it hard to type.

My sister has been intrigued by Prince Rogers Nelson since she learned he was a sometime Seventh-day Adventist.


She said one of his survivors is a sister who is supposed to sound like him but “I’ll never know, because I don’t know what he sounded like!” Of course, that was my cue to go to youtube where several of his offerings have been uploaded since his death. I decided on “Let’s Go Crazy”. I also included a link to the lyrics because I knew she wouldn’t be able to understand them. They’re a bit eerie because they reference an elevator and death and he died in an elevator.

GlyphThe video (since it will probably be taken down, I won’t include it here) features a stage in the shape of the glyph he used to replace his name after he had a falling out with his record label. There was no way to pronounce it so he decided he’d be known as “The Artist Formerly Known As Prince”. That was shortened to “TAFKAP”. After a few years, he went back to being Prince.

He had some interesting beliefs. One of them was that his playing the electric guitar kept him from losing his hair. If that’s true, you can believe the sale of guitars may skyrocket.

But enough about Prince. You can read reams and reams about him online if you want (or need) to know more.

The doorbell rang this afternoon and it was Cuz. I’d sent her a text saying the Catz’ food was down to half a bag but she didn’t get it until not long before she got here. We visited and just as she walked out the door to mow, the phone rang.

It was DD. When I picked it up, the handset went “beep beep beep” so I took it and swapped it out for one that had a still live battery. I was looking at the batteries on Amazon today and when I got them three years ago, they were $9.99 for the three. Now, they’re $7.99. I’d order some but I don’t need them yet since they’re still going strong. We talked for most of an hour.

The black tom is getting more and more demanding. Time was when he was as skittish as his gray sibling (male or female still unknown). The gray one stayed on the deck today when I was out there and let me get within 8-10 feet before it dashed away.

I’d thought I would work on the lessons today but I didn’t. I’ll probably have an overlap with the second and third quarters. They live in different folders so it will be okay as long as I’m careful to upload to the right ones.

It looks as though the weather will be nice around here both tomorrow and Tuesday. With avos at 39 cents and Silk half gallons 2/$5, I want to be sure to get in on the good buys.

Tuesday is being prophesied as the day that could very well tell the tale for both parties. On the GOP side, there are 118 delegates up for grabs. On the Democratic side, the total is 384. It can potentially be make or break but one never knows, does one? Time to hide and watch.

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  1. Lila April 25, 2016 at 6:44 am #

    Sounds like the breathing treatments are a necessary evil, or something like that. Sorry for the bad after-effect!

    • Tommie April 25, 2016 at 11:10 am #

      I wish everything that’s supposed to help didn’t have side effects.

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