New York, New York!

With 39% of the precincts reporting, the Donald and Hillary have won their respective primaries. What remains to be seen is how many delegates they pick up. So far, the Donald has 48, Hillary has 104 and Bernie has 85. That could change before I get through writing this missive.

Trump Hillary

I woke much too early this morning after a late (early?) night. Trying to go back to sleep did no good a’tall. I lay in bed for an hour and fifteen minutes before I finally gave up and crawled out. Seeing as I’d heard the clock strike 3 o’clock, I haven’t had much sleep.

No matter. I’d eaten my last banana, today was the day ALDI’s price for oranges (4 lubs for $1.79) would expire at midnight and the weather was nice. It was off to town after shooting myself, bathing and getting dressed.

I had the radio on in the car. It was too late to catch THE Brian Joyce so I had it turned to NPR. Haley Barbour was the guest and he had some interesting things to say about the election process and how it may play out.

Turns out we, basically, think a lot alike. Not that we agree but there are parallels.

Walmart had glow-in-the-dark bananas. I went to the other entrance and there some more reasonable ones there. I went around and got the rest of the things on my list except for what they aren’t carrying and went to the checkout.

The cashier was an older lady (though she’s probably younger than I am). She was all excited over the ad for oranges and said she has oranges every day. Another cashier came over and she had to show her what a deal it was. I left the ad with her since I couldn’t use it again, anyway. It would just go in the trash. The regular price was $3.98 so that was a saving of $2.19 a bag. I got three bags so that adds up to $6.57. The avocados weren’t as amazing. Six of them at a saving of nine cents each adds up to 54 cents. Still…every little bit helps.

I’d been looking online for vegan caramel corn and found that Cracker Jack is accidentally vegan so I bought a bag. It’s tastier than the pricey stuff and doesn’t cost nearly as much. I have yet to run across a peanut but I may find two or three in the bottom of the bag before it’s gone. The prize is pretty chintzy. We used to get more than just a sticker.

Folks, I’m outta gas. The car still has some and the price per gallon has dropped three cents but, personally, I’m spent. I said the numbers could change and they have. It’s only on the GOP side, though. Trump has 84 and Kasich has two. It will be interesting to see how the rest are divvied up. Good night.

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