Aquafaba Newbie

Waking up in the early early, I could see orange reflected on the blinds across the room. I had to get up, put on my robe, go to the bathroom, grab my camera, get the card out of my notebook, put it in the camera and hope the light wouldn’t go away too much before I could get out the door.

Since my camera is just a level above a point and shoot, it wants to compensate for everything. Sunrise overexposed. Sunset overexposed. I don’t know what I ended up using and I had to enhance it to get the exposure back to an acceptable level. Here’s the result.

Sunrise 04102016

It isn’t very close to the actual but unless I spent big dollars on a better camera, it’s the best I can do. Of course, I could read the directions, too, but that takes effort.

I’d gotten to bed late (early?) so I crawled back in and slept until I had my eight hours.

The other day, I’d opened a can of garbanzos. I’d mashed some up with Sriracha Just Mayo for a sandwich and eaten the rest plain. I love ’em right out of the can. I saved the liquid (aka aquafaba) to use later.

Months ago, my sister had posted something about vegan meringue. I was intrigued. I started googling and found a group on Facebook called Vegan Meringue – Hits and Misses! I joined and have been mostly lurking ever since. Some of the members post gorgeous works of art. The other day, a poor soul uploaded a picture of her first attempt at making macarons. They were charcoal. There are cakes, pies, cookies, dips, spreads, bread — the only thing yet unperfected is the elusive angel food cake.

This morning, I had a yen for waffles. It seemed a perfect time for my foray into AquafabaLand. I didn’t do anything fancy. One recipe calls for the aquafaba to be whipped into stiff peaks and folded into the batter. I was going for a simple egg replacer. It was a standard recipe calling for one egg. At the top of the group page, the moderator has posted,

BEFORE YOU ASK: One egg is generally replaced by three tablespoons of aquafaba! And, yes, you can store aquafaba in the refrigerator for 2 to 10 days, until it starts getting stinky – but you can also freeze it!

So…I used three tablespoons of aquafaba and put the rest into a Pyrex storage bowl and then into the freezer.

Now, anyone who has seen my pictures of food knows I’m not a stylist. I plunk it on a plate, take the picture and upload it. Here are the four remaining waffles from my first excursion.

Aquafaba Waffles

I thought about posting them in the group but I haven’t — yet. Time will tell. I may get brave and do it. Just so you know, I ate them with Earth Balance Soy Free Buttery Spread and organic grade B maple syrup. As Rachael would say, “YUMMO!”

Thinking the last bit of batter might profit from the addition of kala namak, I stirred some in. I shouldn’t have bothered. I haven’t found many things that it doesn’t go with but these waffles are one.

My waffle craving should be satisfied by the time the other four are gone. And I’m thrilled that I’ve (figuratively) stuck my toe in the aquafaba pool. You never know. I may venture into something more complicated next time.

DD called this afternoon and we were on the phone about an hour and 45 minutes. There’s been another roadblock in the acquisition of the land. The acceptable level of arsenic in drinking water is (I think) .01 ppm. The water there tested at .014 ppm. Reverse osmosis and distillation both remove arsenic but the expert was telling her there are other chemicals and minerals to consider when deciding on what filtering system to get. I’d be wondering about a second opinion.

This evening, my DIL (DS2’s wife) private messaged me about my granddaughter’s 8th grade graduation. It’s hard to believe she’s almost academy age.

Earlier today, I texted Cuz. I always hesitate to contact her because she’s so busy. She later texted back that they’re all okay and that she hoped to be by later this week. It will be nice to see her face.

On the primary front, I did some investigating. It’s true Bernie won Wyoming. It’s also true he and Hillary each netted seven delegates. Where Hillary’s 11 come in is the site included the four super delegates. As DD pointed out (and she sounded hopeful), super delegates can switch to the other candidate if they want. In any case, Bernie didn’t gain any pledged delegates over Hillary from his win. Hillary is still as far ahead as she was before.

Trump is steamed over Colorado. Seems the GOP has done some fancy footwork and Cruz gets all the delegates. This is an election cycle for the history books. And the race goes on.

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  1. Lila April 11, 2016 at 8:06 am #

    Looks like your waffle experiment was a huge success! Might be worth trying in entree recipes, too!

    • Tommie April 11, 2016 at 11:54 am #

      I agree. I still have a supply of Super Duper Gut Bombs but next time I make them…I already use garbanzo flour in them, though.

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