Stink No More

When I took my bath yesterday, I went ahead and squirted my underarms. This morning, I still smelled okay but I squirted some more to be on the safe side. I’m still very much in the acceptable area and it’s been more than 14 hours since the last anointing. I’m a happy camper.

My sister, bless her heart, is skinny as a rail. They both are but the older of the two seems to be intent on not gaining an ozzie.

Travis StorkShe emailed that she’d seen something on Dr. Oz about how much exercise it takes to work off X amount of calories. She’d been intrigued about a cinnamon roll recipe that calls for mashed potatoes and was tempted to make it until she realized how much she’d have to do to work one off. If she ever gets sick, she won’t have any reserve. I lost about 15 lubs during my bout over a year ago and have gained maybe five back. If she lost 15, she’d be a wraith. When I was eating 100% raw food, she was amazed at how slim I was but I wasn’t any slimmer than she is.

Dr. Oz kind of leaves me cold. He is a notch or two above Kevin Trudeau. If I were going to watch that type show, I’d make it The Doctors. Travis Stork is much nicer to look at. The segments on the show are very interesting. There was one about the TIF (Transoral Incisionless Fundoplication). I’m still hoping to have it someday.

I guess it isn’t unusual for sisters not to share the same taste in programming.

Our injured sister has finally been discharged by the physical therapist. I’m assuming she met the goals set and will be able to continue to improve on her own.

Yesterday was the usual Friday. I stripped the bed and washed the sheets and pillowcase. I do like to have a clean bed for Sabbath. I’d pushed breakfast as late as I dared to try to get all my bending over duties done first but I had to go ahead and eat. Of course, I coughed my way through making the bed.

The sleeping was good last night but I’d miscalculated when I set the timer which made me late getting up. My breakfast wasn’t as “stick to my ribs” as I’d like. I had fresh squeezed OJ, a banana and half a tiny avocado. No toast. No Dandy Blend.

There was a guest speaker for Sabbath School and church. I could hear him fine in Sabbath School but I think he moved the lapel mic down far enough it didn’t catch everything he said during the church service. I tried to compensate with my hearing aids but I still couldn’t hear everything. He was speaking about the health message being the right arm of the gospel. His experiences were very interesting. I just wished I could have heard it all. It’s frustrating to notice a reaction from the congregation and not know what they’re reacting to.

The closing song was in three sharps which I transpose into flats if the regular pianist is playing. She can’t handle more than two sharps. She wasn’t playing for the church service and I didn’t want to take it for granted that the other pianist would want to transpose. I found her and asked. She looked a little puzzled and said she plays it like it’s written so that’s what we did.

I’ve been getting away from sucking on peppermints but I had to use three today during church to keep from coughing. Since I didn’t have much breakfast, I thought I’d be okay but that’s what I get for thinking. On the way home, I coughed and coughed and had a prolonged episode this afternoon. I really need to get something done but that will probably involve going back to the pulmonologist and I don’t want to.

My last meal of the day was probably more than I should have eaten. My oldest sister used to urge me to eat walnuts for the omegas. I’m really not into English walnuts. I’m not quite as bad about them as Andrew Zimmern is but I really don’t like them. However, there’s another way to get what I need — chia seed.

Today, my dessert was chia seed pudding. Yesterday, I mixed a cup of dark chocolate almond Silk with three tbsp. chia seed. I’d stir it every so often and stored it in the fridge overnight. I stirred it a couple more times today. It didn’t thicken up a whole lot and it tasted funny until I added vanilla and kala namak. I feel very virtuous since I got my omegas. My sister would be proud.

Well, I’m puzzled. This says Bernie won Wyoming which has 14 delegates. Then it says Bernie has seven and Hillary has seven. Then this site says Wyoming has 18 delegates and Bernie won with seven and Hillary has 11. Maybe someone who knows more about it than I do can explain it to me.

Trump has canceled a trip to California so he can concentrate on New York. There are some who predict this is the beginning of the end for him. Could we be so fortunate?

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  1. Mary Jane Graves April 10, 2016 at 8:30 am #

    Let’s just say that the therapist did all that he could. Any further progress will be up to the patient and the Great Physician.

    • Tommie April 10, 2016 at 11:43 am #

      Okay. Here’s hoping (and praying) there will be more improvement.

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