That Settles That

Last night, I got a friend request on Facebook from a friend who is already my friend. Does that make sense? I guess her account had been hacked. It had happened once before and she (I thought) changed her password and reported the bogus registration. Anyway, I found where she had shared the avocado pit video for eating same. Not the video. The pit. Anyway, someone had posted an article warning against eating the portion we usually throw away. (The only reason to keep it is to stick toothpicks in it and suspend it in a glass with water.)

ANYHOW, the article referenced one of the FAQs from California Avocado. It’s partway down the page but if you don’t want to look for it, here’s the question and answer.

I have heard the avocado seed contains additional nutrients is this true? (That’s the way the question is stated. I’m not kidding.)

  • The California Avocado Commission does not recommend consumption of the “pit” or seed of an avocado. The seed of an avocado contains elements that are not intended for human consumption.

Avocado with PitI think I will believe the Commission and not some random video-maker. I’ll continue to compost mine with the belief that they are to either supposed to grow or enrich the soil.

Cuz said she might be here today. Might be turned out to be not. I heard a mower going and thought she’d shown up but it was the neighbor on the other side of me mowing his yard.

DD called when I’d just started a meal so I waited until I was through to call her back. We talked over an hour.

The Catz have been fed twice. This morning, the black one bumped my hand so hard, I spilled a lot of the food. He was insistent and intent on being petted so I complied. This afternoon, he was petted again and when I came back in, he marched inside with me. I asked (in my best Joey Tribbiani voice), “What are you doing??” He looked around and seemed startled to find himself halfway into the living room. He turned around and walked out.

After I took my shower this evening, I was so sleepy I could have crawled into bed and gone off to the Land of Nod but it was still too early. It isn’t any more and that’s about it for my day. This is where I sign off.

4 Responses to That Settles That

  1. Lila April 4, 2016 at 7:49 am #

    Do you think all the Catz are strays, or might some of them have an owner? Sounds like the black one has adopted you.

    • Tommie April 4, 2016 at 10:09 am #

      None of the Catz are strays. They all own Cuz. She had all of them fixed except for the Mama Cat (and her descendents) who couldn’t be caught. The black one is Six, the Mama Cat’s offspring. So is the gray one but it’s too skittish to get close enough to find out whether it’s a male or female. The neighbor cat, I think, belongs across the street.

  2. Lila April 5, 2016 at 7:42 am #

    Apparently she plans to keep them all. Is she especially fond of cats, or is this just the path of least resistance?

    • Tommie April 5, 2016 at 8:37 pm #

      Oh, she does love the Catz. Both Cuz and my CIL have a soft spot for animals.

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