A Quorum?

The plan to go to town was off the table when the day dawned wet and windy. I’m still okay as far as food and toilet paper are concerned so the rest can wait until later.

Just now, there was a flash of lightning and a crash of thunder immediately following. According to wunderground, the center of a storm is pretty close by but headed the other way. Weatherbug says there’s a tornado watch until 4 a.m. TT.

The question of the day (or night) is how many Catz have to show up to be fed? Is 50% a quorum? Only one appeared at the door today with the black male coming along later and I filled all six bowls. I didn’t bother going out a second time.

Cuz called this afternoon. She’d taken her construction partner to a visitation, funeral, the cemetery and the meal following. She was pooped.

Hampton Creek keeps posting coupons for Just Mayo. I already redeemed one that I wasn’t sure would work since it didn’t have “Manufacturer Coupon” on it. After I alerted them to the problem, the next one does. So…I’ve printed it off. I still have the original but I’m getting low on the garlic so that’s what this coupon will go for.

Just Mayo Flavors

It’s really good mashed up with avocado and spread on toast. I don’t even need salt.

I finished less06m and uploaded it, then started on 7.

The storm stormeth so I guess I should sign off and think about doing a breathing treatment. Last night, I was still shaking when I went to bed. I hate that quivery feeling inside. With all the pollen flying around, it does help, though.

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  1. Lila April 1, 2016 at 8:42 am #

    And for the present time, the pollen is only getting worse.

    • Tommie April 1, 2016 at 8:51 am #

      The price we have to pay for the beauty that is spring.

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