Half a Clowder

Today has been a low-key, slow day. It started off sunny but the clouds moved in this afternoon. I should’ve gone to town today but I was too triflin’. Tomorrow and Friday are supposed to be stormy.

BTW, I did shoot myself as scheduled yesterday.

When I looked out, I expected to see the Clowder that routinely camps out on the deck but none were to be seen. I wasn’t going to feed unless someone showed up so I closed the door and resumed what I’d been doing.

Off and on, I’d check the out-of-doors but nothing and no one. I was beginning to get concerned when, finally, the larger of the gray striped Catz ambled up. I went out and put food in all six bowls. She started out at one and then decided the food in the next one was better. I left her to it.

I’ve been terribly negligent of the Sabbath School lessons. Since I’m having to redo almost everything I did to the large file, I’ve felt rather demoralized. During my quiet time, I asked for inspiration to work on the yet unfinished files. In spite of my request, this is what I felt like.


Tempted to push them off to another time, I told myself I wasn’t going to do anything else until I’d earned it. I sat me down and did less04m and less05m and uploaded them. I notified the editor and informed her I was through for the day. I can work on them only so long until I start making mistakes that I might not catch until I’m studying the week of. Then I have to correct them “on the fly”.

Later this afternoon, I looked out again and there were two Catz — the black tom and his sibling. Cuz told me the other day that she thinks the sibling may be a female. I certainly hope not. Kittens are cute but, as my mother used to say, “They grow up to be cats.” And I like cats but enough is enough.

Other than the usual activities, that’s been my day. Exciting, huh? Hang around. It can only get better.

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