An Old Broom Sweeps Clean

At bedtime last night, Bernie had won Alaska and Washington. Hillary was ahead in Hawaii but with few precincts reporting, it was too early to call. This morning, Hawaii was definitely in Sanders’ camp. It was a sweep. If he goes on to be the nominee and is elected, he will be the oldest president and the first Jew. Of course, if Hillary does likewise, she will be the first woman to be president. Then, on the other side, if Trump is elected, he will be the first orange person. Cruz would be the first Canadian. Any way you look at it, it’s a litany of “firsts”.

Old BroomWhen DD called today, she told me more about the caucus process. The registered people and their families, friends, whoever, gathered in a gym. They were separated into districts and the ones in the district who were registered proceeded to make the case for their chosen candidate known. The back and forth went on for I don’t know how long but the end result was a pretty even split in her group.

I still maintain that the primary process is more democratic than the caucus. It’s nobody’s business who I vote for but the caucus puts it right out there in the open for multitudes to see. It’s fine for exhibitionists but I prefer the secret ballot. Primaries are also, for the most part, more convenient. A working person or a mother of three can pretty much fit voting into their schedules. Of course, I’ve heard about polling places being too far removed from voters or requirements that are ridiculous. Those should be remedied so the people who wish to vote are able to.

When I mentioned Kasich, DD said she hadn’t kept up the way she should have because her SO doesn’t like politics. I must note here that I don’t “like” politics but this election cycle is like no other I’ve ever seen. However, she did part with some surprising information. Her SO has registered to vote. He didn’t do it in time for the caucus but he’ll be voting in the general election. That’s progress.

Lindsey Graham came up. I asked her if she’d seen him on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. No, she hadn’t. Here’s a portion of said show. I think it tells it all about the GOP choices.

Finally, we got away from politics and started discussing other things. When they found out the Internet access available to The Property is about 1/10 as fast as what they have now, it was almost a deal-breaker. We’d talked about speeds and what mine will do (at 12 Mbps down, it was pretty comparable to what they could get) (of course, mine is 18 down now). She said they decided, worst case scenario, her SO would have to wait for games to download. Big whoop. Not a biggie in my book.

Cuz came over and we visited. She said I didn’t need to brag on her tonight but she is one in a million, folks. That’s where I’ll leave it. She came over again not long before dark. Her plans to mow didn’t pan out because it has been nasty out all day. It hasn’t really rained but it’s been drizzly, misty, foggy and damp.

While she was here the second time, the critter that invades my house was scratching and making a racket. She got my broom and tapped on the ceiling. The noise stopped. I’d like to say it left, never to come back. I’m not that much of an optimist, though. I didn’t tell her but the kitchen is being invaded by little black ants. It must be spring.

April is just around the corner. During that month, the Democrats will have eight states deciding on the number of delegates. The GOP will have seven. With Tennessee in the rear view mirror, all I can do is watch and pray.

Last night, I was feeling a little congested so I used the nebulizer. I may do the same again tonight. It helped me breathe better but the downside is that it makes me very shaky. I wish a perfect solution would come along but that isn’t likely to happen.

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  1. Lila March 28, 2016 at 7:42 am #

    Tommie, I’m about to show my ignorance again – what is an “orange person,” as in your reference to Trump?

    • Tommie March 28, 2016 at 10:16 pm #

      That’s the prevailing color of his skin.

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