My Boring Life

Once again, it has just occurred to me that I have lived through the day without shooting myself. That has to stop. I must do it tomorrow or put it off until next week. That’s me. A champion world-class Olympic qualified procrastinator. I don’t know if that applies if the reason is just early onset senility.

I didn’t get to sleep until almost 4 o’clock this morning. Another one of those times I dreaded going to bed because of the hacking and coughing, gagging and gasping for breath. Maybe I should try just sleeping in Mother’s chair and forget the bed.

My website had gone down at 2:12 a.m., according to a notice I got from the forum. It was still down when I got up. My sisters were trying to access it because this is where they get the scoop most mornings. I emailed merm so she turned around and submitted a trouble ticket. It was back up within a matter of minutes. merm rocks!

The editor and my sister have both been working on income tax the past few days. I’d accidentally disposed of one of my forms so I called today and the nice man read the numbers off to me and will send me a replacement for my records. I downloaded TaxAct, got the required papers out of my income tax folder and went to work. After plugging in all the numbers, checking and rechecking, I found that my itemizing did not one whit of good. The standard deduction was more than everything I had gathered over the year.


All these years, I have collected bits and pieces of paper so my liability would be less. It turns out it was all for naught in 2015. I paid nothing in. I get nothing back. I owe nothing. Next year will be even simpler because I won’t go to the trouble. It will also be ho-hum.

It wasn’t long after I e-filed that I got a confirmation that it had been received. Almost immediately, there was a second email saying it was accepted. So that’s that. There will be no waiting with bated breath for a refund. No checking the web site to see if it’s processed. Life will go on.

My sister had been to the pharmacy to pick up the ink cartridges she’d left to be refilled. I think I should go into the business. The black was $10 and the color, $19. That would buy me a half dozen sets of cartridges for my Canon. I have a drawer a quarter full of cartridges and the cost was maybe what she spent refilling the color cartridge.

You see, when I look at printers, I take into account what kind of ink they take and the cost. Printer manufacturers don’t make that much on printers. They generally make a killing on selling ink. I wouldn’t buy a printer that doesn’t have individual cartridges for each color. It doesn’t make sense to have to replace a whole range of colors when only one has run out. See how boring my life is? I find printer ink interesting.

Well, the rest of my day has been spent reading a lot of news and watching news-related videos. The man in the tree in downtown Seattle prompted this article. The GOP race has gotten uglier when we thought it couldn’t. An anti-Trump group published an ad with a naked Melania handcuffed to a briefcase. Trump has threatened to “spill the beans” regarding Ted’s wife. It seems no one or nothing is off limits.

On the Democratic side, Hillary is still the presumptive nominee even though she’s only a little more than 300 pledged delegates ahead of Bernie. With over 2k up for grabs, it’s anyone’s ballgame. There are some major states coming up so who knows what it will look like in a month?

Cuz came over and watched me lick the blender container that had recently had asparagus soup in it. She figured it must be good (and it was) but refused to try it. She said her chicken was good but I didn’t take her up on her offer to share, either.

For next to nothing going on, I guess I’ve taken up more time than I should have writing about it. As my sisters have said, “This is where I’ll let you rest.”

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  1. Lila March 24, 2016 at 8:30 am #

    To the contrary, I think if you find even printer ink interesting, you have an active and inquisitive mind. However, do remember that B-12 today – though I don’t think skipping an injection would be life-threatening.

    • Tommie March 24, 2016 at 10:31 am #

      No, I don’t think skipping one injection would be life-threatening but it might make some of my scanty hair fall out. Thanks for the reminder!

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