Spaced (on the) Mountain

I keep getting up early to take my morning med so it won’t be so long after I get up to stay that I can eat breakfast. Then I fool around and eat late, anyway. Maybe I’m trying to stave off the inevitable — reflux. That’s probably why I put off going to bed. I end up spending the first half hour (sometimes) coughing. Not fun and definitely not restful.

Cooper BlitzerAnyhow, I’d stayed up last night and watched The Final Five on CNN. I thought I’d missed it since I didn’t “tune in” until it was supposed to be over. The last time I watched a debate on CNN, after all the analysis following, the debate was streamed again in (I assume) its entirety. That’s what happened last night. I missed a small portion of the interview with Kasich. (The format was for either Wolf or Anderson to interview each of the candidates individually.)

After Kasich finished his part (and he was knowledgeable, as usual), it was time for Cruz. He didn’t do so well. I think if I didn’t have to look at him or listen to him, he’d be better received…Anyway, Trump followed Cruz and wasn’t quite as “out there” as he usually is. After being on his best behavior for a few minutes, though, he lapsed into his braggadocio style and I lost all the new-found admiration (?) for him.

Hillary came on after Trump and she was sharp and to the point on her answers. When Anderson asked her if she thought the race is somewhat sexist. He mentioned people say she should smile more or when she’s speaking it sounds like she’s yelling. She said, “I don’t hear anybody say that about men and I’ve seen a lot of male candidates who don’t smile very much and who talk pretty loud so I’ll just leave it at that.”

You can find the individual interviews at the links below.

The first four were in the studio. Bernie was via satellite.

Today, Arizona and Utah are in the primary process for the GOP nominee. Arizona, Utah and Idaho are in the mix now for the Democratic side. Trump has won Arizona with 58 delegates and it looks like Hillary is on her way to winning Arizona, as well. And the race goes on.

I completely forgot about my B12 shot this morning. It was ‘way out of my mind until just a little while ago. It’s supposed to give a person a burst of energy. While it doesn’t do that to me, I’ll still wait for morning before I shoot myself.

The lessons have occupied a lot of my time today. The HTML expert has broken his collarbone so he asked that the editor and I finish up the lessons. That means most of it will fall to me. I guess I have nothing better to do. Cuz said I should ask for a cut of the Expert’s pay.

Speaking of Cuz, I had a project for her when she came over this afternoon. I’m not posting pictures of them at her request but she made me three spice drawers about a year ago. They’re inside the lower cabinets and are really handy. The one used most came off the track (I guess) when I tried to open it to get out the onion powder and garlic granules. I was able to worry the garlic out since it was close to the front of the drawer. She had no problem getting it back the way it was supposed to be so I’m in business. Instead of having avocado on toast in the mornings, I’ve been mashing a half up with onion powder, garlic granules and TABASCO® Green Jalapeño Pepper Sauce. It goes really well with organic blue corn tortilla chips.

Town is usually on the agenda for Tuesday but there were no exciting specials to be had. I’ll wait for the ALDI and Publix ads to come out tomorrow and see what’s available. I still have two bananas, five avocados and over eight lubs of oranges so I’m fine.

The day is done and so am I. It’s official. Arizona goes to both Trump and Hillary.

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  1. Mary Jane Graves March 23, 2016 at 12:43 pm #

    Glad the blog is back in business!

    • Tommie March 23, 2016 at 12:58 pm #

      You ‘n’ me, both!

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