Another One Bites the Dust

This is Sort of Super Tuesday. Five states have held their primaries today. Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina and Ohio. I guess I could have watched the numbers roll in on CNN but I didn’t. Getting alerts on Windows 10 and looking at Google News has been sufficient.

Besides, I had other things to do. I shot myself in the leg. My roommate called me and told me about her latest misadventures. That woman can get into all sort of situations without even trying than someone who is a professional. I’m just glad she lived to tell the tale.

It was also Going to Town Day. There weren’t many things I needed. If I hadn’t been critically low on toilet paper (my BIL called it “hip ribbon”), I would have put it off until next week. Of course, I took advantage of the fact that ALDI had navel oranges four lubs for $1.79. I got two bags. I was disappointed the oranges are quite large. I like the small ones. They generally have a better flavor and are easier to juice.

The weather was warm and I was overdressed with jeans and a sweatshirt. I ran the a/c in the car both on the way down and back. I’ve had the EcoBreeze on some today, too. Rather than turn off and come home the back way, I went through town. I saw some beautiful trees in bloom — tulip trees and Bradford pear. The forsythia is making itself known, too. Spring is here!

Cuz came over and visited this afternoon. She said she was pretty tired when she got home yesterday and was covered with sheetrock mud. By the time she took a shower and ate, it was too late to come over. That was okay. I don’t expect her to keep me company every day.

This evening, results started rolling in. When it was a sure thing that Trump had trumped Rubio for Florida, Marco made the announcement that he is suspending his campaign. That’s sad. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him, though.


It was heartening that Kasich won Ohio, though. I don’t know how many people were voting defensively but I’m glad he got his home state.

On the other side, Hillary has won Florida, North Carolina and Ohio. She’s leading in Illinois and Bernie is leading in Missouri. Her delegate count is just about twice his.

It will be a relief when all this is over. I saw an article today about Trump’s list of five possible VPs but, hold on! He isn’t the nominee yet. And, if the establishment has its way, he won’t be. In the meantime, I hope it doesn’t get any uglier than it already is.

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