Not So Fast

None of the Catz were in sight when I opened the door. I figured they had full stomachs and had no need to come see me. Feeling a little sorry for myself, I thought, “They love me for my loaves and fishes.” Even that wasn’t 100% correct since I don’t buy the food.

It was off and on sunny but once, it opened up and poured. Cuz was gone when I got up and didn’t get back until after dark so I guess she was able to work inside somewhere.

During one of the sunny spells, I went out on the deck. Three of the Catz came over. It was obvious I didn’t have any food for them but they were happy to be petted, especially the black one. When I walked away from the railing, he stood up on his hind legs to try to reach my hand.

So…I guess they are willing to give me their attention and regard me as more than just a source of food.

This afternoon, the editor emailed and said the deadline for publication of the second quarter lessons is tomorrow. Several people had asked when they’d be available. She wanted to know what she should say. I hadn’t heard anything since my last upload so I don’t know who’s done what where. I turned in my mind-reading license years ago when it was found the equipment was faulty.

Tomorrow is a sort of Super Tuesday. Maybe half a Super Tuesday? I imagine the logic behind spreading the primaries out over several months is so the candidates can campaign in most of the states. It surely would be nice, though, to have a Super Duper Tuesday and get ’em all over at once. As it is, you can get up-to-the-minute returns here.

My News page has a new section that’s been added recently. “Elections” has all the news dealing with the questions of the day in one place. Seems the big news is that Trump held a rally in Ohio that was “normal”. It was so normal, it was boring and people were leaving before it was over. Guess a lot of them go for the show that didn’t happen.

In the past couple days, I’ve seen Facebook posts by “Southwest Air” promising giveaways of first class tickets (to my knowledge, Southwest Airlines doesn’t have “classes”) and tickets to exotic getaways. I came this close to sharing and liking and filling out the form but I got suspicious. I’m glad I am of that nature when it comes to the Internet. I googled and, sure enough, I found this. I posted the link on my Timeline and hope it will steer people away from a big mistake.

My sisters are working circles around me again. One of them is the proud owner of two new grow boxes and the other has been washing sheets and changing beds. More power to them. I wish them well.

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