The warm weather has cut down on the Catz’ consumption of food so I checked before I fed this morning. The bowls were pretty much empty so I filled ’em up. The black tom wanted petting more than he wanted to eat so I obliged. He’s shedding his thick winter coat. I’ll probably bring cat hair into the house. As long as it doesn’t get in my food, I’ll be okay.

It was nice and sunshiny early on but the clouds soon took over. There were a few raindrops but I don’t think it ever really opened up and poured.

This afternoon, I was watching a video from my Hulu queue from last week when the doorbell rang. It was Cuz. She had finally gotten everyone and the sugar baby (Lucy) together and they’d made the trek over the valley and up the mountain where they will be for an undetermined amount of time. She’d turned the water on and there are no leaks anywhere. The plumbing job was a good one. After visiting, she left with the promise she’d be back over before nightfall.

I caught up on the news and marveled at how different this election year is from any other I’ve ever experienced. The hatred that’s being exhibited is unprecedented. This meme was on Facebook. I looked up the domain and it’s in Germany. It’s a sad commentary on what’s happening.

germany is watching

It seems strange not to have a debate to either report on or anticipate. It’s kind of nice, too, but it cuts down on the content. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing, though. It gets tedious after so long.

When Cuz was leaving the second time around (she told me who’d won the race but it was someone I’ve never heard of) (I looked it up — Harvick) (he came in first by like 1/10 second) she told me I wouldn’t have to worry about feeding the Catz. She’ll take care of them while they’re here. I couldn’t protest because they aren’t part of my family. We’ll see if they come see me at all without the promise of food. The black one loves being petted and if I don’t pet him enough, he’ll reach for my hand.

DD didn’t call today. She’d been to merm’s sister’s bachelorette get-together. That was quite a long trip so she’d gone up yesterday and come back today. When she posted on Facebook, she was home but they were without power. The three of them (two humans and Pixel) were huddling on the couch. The humans were eating Girl Scout cookies by candlelight. I saw on the news that the northwest had experienced strong storms. Guess the Pineapple Express didn’t leave them out.

I reminded Cuz that they are an hour ahead of me now. She’s been waking at 5. It will be interesting to see if she keeps that same schedule, circadian-wise, and wake at 4. I won’t be up to see, thank you anyway.

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