#9 Debate Analysis

When the proceedings started, they were in Spanish. An interpreter was talking over the announcer so the English wasn’t understandable. I’m sure it rendered the Spanish unintelligible, too. I thought, “If this is the way it’s going to be, I might as well not even try to watch.” Soon, it was switched to English so I was okay. I’m embarrassed to say my only second language is pig latin.

Sebastien De La Cruz sang the Star Spangled Banner. As usual, spin was put on it but he is pretty to look at and he didn’t seem to be hurting anywhere. So many singers are visibly pained by their performances. The clothes he wore were quite resplendent, too.

After the debate was over, one of the panelists said Bernie was more the teddy bear than (I think) a cranky old man. At least he didn’t snap at Hillary or wag his finger at her. Maybe he learned from the previous debate that it isn’t endearing.

A lot of the debate was rehashed from before. There were questions from the audience and all of them were in Spanish. The translator waited until the questioner was through to repeat it in English. One stood out for me, though. It was the woman whose husband was deported three years ago leaving her and her children in the States. Of course, I couldn’t understand a word she was saying but she was so sincere and obviously hurting. It brought tears to my eyes and a lump to my throat.

Bernie was the first to respond to the woman. He evidently didn’t understand that her husband was the one who was deported. His answer was sort of rambling and he said something about a mother being without her children. Hillary made it personal and it was evident she’d really listened to what had been said.

The email situation was revisited and Benghazi. People must be living under rocks to have to have it explained over and over. Bernie brought up Gaddafi and Hillary hit him with the auto bailout. If there are other debates, I’ll watch them but this being the last scheduled one is a relief.

Now, the next to last GOP debate is on CNN at 8:30 EST tonight. I heard it said that the Donald is trying to look more presidential. We’ll see.

Cuz was here today and found the cause of the leak at her house. When she disconnected the water heater and moved it, the bottom fell out. Before she left, I gave her a couple of avocados for my CIL. She called me a little while ago and said she was looking at “about 50” bags of Fordhooks. I asked her to get me a couple.

As promised, I got the index for the lessons done and uploaded and went over and made corrections to the templates. Until I get a quarterly, that’s about all I can do.

DD emailed me last night that property has been found and an offer accepted. There will be 30 days for the feasibility and they’ll close in May. She did ask that I not put the address on my blog or link to the listing. I told her I might be ignernt but not stoopid.

DS2 has had to have some extensive dental work done so I doubt he’ll be watching much of anything tonight. I keep letting time get away from me but I do need to make an appointment.

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