Democratic Debate Number Eight

It started off as most of the Democratic debates have. Well, let’s back up here. I was busy trying to get my link to post on Facebook so I missed the moment of silence for Nancy Reagan and almost all of the National Anthem. The Star Spangled Banner was sung by a choir and, of course, it had the embellishments that have become so common. The choir sounded like a good one and they were just following what the director told them to do so I can’t blame all of them. But, please! Someone sing it the way it’s written!

The first 28 minutes went by with nothing out of the ordinary happening but at minute 29, the gloves came off. I don’t even remember what the disagreement was but it was loud and long. It kind of took me by surprise because there was so much contention on the stage. Up until now, the altercations have been rather polite affairs.

I was transfixed. Bernie snapped at Hillary and Hillary snapped back. She tried to interrupt him and he cut her off and shook his finger at her. It was almost (but not quite) something that could have been seen on the Republican platform.

What pretty much stopped Bernie in his tracks — and he looked truly shocked — is when Hillary brought up the fact that he’d tried to block the money for the auto industry bailout. I don’t think he completely recovered from that one. It was like the wind was taken out of his sails. He tried to protest. It was too little too late.

I liked the format. It was kind of a cross between a debate and a town hall with several in the audience asking questions. (Speaking of town halls, I didn’t know there was one tonight on Fox but the videos are here.)

The substance of the debate was a lot of repeats so I really don’t have what my sister would call an “analysis”. I put that in quotes because I question that being applied to what I write. I just say what I see.

There was one remark that I later found was troubling to a lot of people. “We are, if elected president, going to invest a lot of money into mental health,” Sanders said. “And when you watch these Republican debates, you know why we need to invest in that.” It was called a cheap shot and he’s been accused of not taking mental illness seriously.

The spin room was absent so I was able to get to bed a little sooner than usual.

Next debate is another Hillary/Bernie one on Wednesday night. It’s sponsored by Univision and The Washington Post. I have no idea if it will be live streamed but, if it is, I’ll try to put the word out. Thursday night is a GOP debate on CNN. The schedule doesn’t list a time but I’m sure details will be out there soon.

Today has been another day in the life. The deadline for publishing Q2 of the Sabbath School lessons is looming on the horizon. I formatted helps 04-13 and uploaded them to the server. The index will be next.

When I went out to feed the Catz this evening, I saw Cuz’ vehicle in the driveway. She’d stopped by on her way from work to turn the heat off. She’d had it set on 50 and, for two months in a row, her power bills have been over $300. Mine hasn’t been that much and I’m here keeping warm, cooking and computing.

Speaking of warm, that’s what the bathroom is. I’m going to go cleanse my body and get ready for bed.

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