Debate Number Whath?

Since the GOP debate with only four participants is debuting tonight, I’ll have to make this briefer than usual. I’d like to take a bath before it starts on at 9 EST. Trouble is, a nice bath makes me sleepy and I want to be wide awake for whatever happens. This will be the Donald Trump/Megyn Kelly rematch. Can’t miss it.

Mitt Romney has come out with a tirade against the Donald. The Donald has fired back that Mitt should’ve won the election when he ran against Obama. Shoulda coulda woulda. It doesn’t mean much. There are those predicting that Romney’s speech will solidify the support behind Trump and assure they will get out the vote. Those smarter than me see the speech as a call for the three other candidates (Cruz, Kasich and Rubio in case you’ve forgotten) to strategize and take Trump down.

I got an email this afternoon saying

Trump is considering Cruz as his running mate. Look it up! (He also likes Carson.)

I did and couldn’t find anything except for an old post saying Trump likes Cruz but from what he’s said lately, that has probably changed. Nothing is a done deal yet. Trump looks like the nominee apparent but that could change. After all, add up the delegates his opponents have and the number is more than his. If Rubio wins Florida, that will be 99 more delegates for him. I advise to hide and watch. And remember, just because it’s on the Internet doesn’t make it true.

This morning, there were snowflakes falling when I looked to see how many bowls were on the railing. One was in the flower bed and another in the yard. I refused to get them. Retrieving the communal container I used to put the food in, I dumped six bowls’ worth of food in it and figured the Catz could share or go hungry.

Well, I about used up my bath time trying to find an obscure article about Trump’s pick for a running mate. I must say it would be premature at this point, anyway. A nominee needs a running mate. At this point, Trump is a candidate. Big difference.

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