Super Tuesday

The day dawned with bright sunshine. There was a 90% chance of rain which made it seem inevitable.

My B12 shot did not go too well. I drew it up just fine but when I injected it, I hit a blood vessel and a virtual geyser gushed forth when I pulled the needle out. The blood ran down my leg and onto the chair. I mopped it up as best I could with the prep pads. There’s a nice bruise where there shouldn’t be one.

One of my friends and I had been messaging on Facebook. The phone rang and she was calling for advice. For some reason, she thinks I’m politically savvy. She wanted me to tell her how to vote. I told her I couldn’t. That was for her to decide. She kept hinting until I finally said, “If you want to know who I’m voting for, why don’t you just ask me?” so she did. I told her. We talked a little more and then hung up.

It had clouded up some but still wasn’t raining when I left for the polling place. A truck with Cruz signs was pretty close to the 100 foot minimum.

Inside, I was behind a man who was filling out his form but that was the line. Just the two of us. Sounds like a song. He moved on and I showed my ID and filled out the form. Next, I had to sign verifying that I am, in fact, me. At the third station, my name was recorded on a roster and a checkmark showing whether I was voting in the Dem or Rep primary. Judging from the three Dem checkmarks and, probably, 20 Rep, I’d say this part of the country leans heavily to the right.

My little stub was generated with my unique number and I went to the first machine to cast my ballot. Spinning the little wheel, I selected the candidate and cast the vote. Since I knew next to nothing about the road supervisor and whatever else it was, I abstained on those.

On the way to town, maybe a half dozen raindrops hit the windshield. When I got to Walmart, I left my umbrella in the car.

Stopping by the beauty shop, I put in for a haircut. It was going to be 15 minutes or so. I went to the pharmacy and picked up my prescription and headed on to round up what I could before my appointment. I saw one of my Facebook friends/Walmart employee on the way. When the time came for me to show up, I parked my cart beside the door leading to the cold room for produce and let my favorite produce girl know I’d be back.

The haircutter wanted to know how much to take off. I told her six inches. Well, seriously, probably more than an inch. It had grown a lot. She cut and cut, then asked me how that was. She was through. She thought. I told her it was still too long so she went over the whole thing again. The price for a haircut has gone up plus I tipped her a couple of dollars. I want it short enough I don’t have to pay that much any time soon. I wish there would be coupons on the back of the Walmart cash register receipts like before.

Gathering up the rest of my things, I checked out. I remarked to the clerk that I hoped it hadn’t started raining since I left my ‘brella in the car. She hadn’t heard it hitting the roof so she was sure I was okay.

Getting to the entrance, I saw the sky had opened up. The wind was fiercely blowing so I went to the self-check and got a bag to put over my head. I wasn’t concerned about my hair — I didn’t want to get my head wet.

I managed to steer my cart against the wind and hold the bag over my head with the other. Somewhere today, I read a piece that criticized those who leave their carts to roll and dent another’s car. Well, I’m sorry, but I joined that class but I did make sure it wasn’t jeopardizing anyone’s paint job.

The rain continued much of the way home. By the time I got here, it had stopped. I was able to unload the car without getting drenched. A little later, it opened up again, though.

Well, most of the people have spoken. Trump has won “YUGE”! Looks like Cruz has won home state Texas as well as Oklahoma. Bernie has won home state Vermont and Oklahoma. Hillary has won Tennessee, Georgia, Virginia, Alabama, Arkansas (once home) and I don’t remember where else.

I’m tired. Last night, I used the nebulizer and it made me feel better but trembly. I figured I’d wait until I’d blogged tonight because it made it very hard to type.

2 Responses to Super Tuesday

  1. Lila March 1, 2016 at 10:05 pm #

    You know, it really does sound like a song title!

    Thanks for saving me the trouble of looking to see how the voting came out today.

    • Tommie March 1, 2016 at 10:15 pm #

      That’s probably because it is. It’s from my era, by Bill Withers.

      Those aren’t the official returns but close enough, I suppose.

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