The Choke Artist, the Liar and the Unstoppable

When last I wrote, I was going to watch the GOP debate. It turned out to be like the others except with fewer candidates. The field had started out with 17 and, one by one, they went by the wayside until five are left.

George and Barbara were there. She looked the same as she always has — white hair nicely done and wearing a blue outfit. George, bless his heart, was in a wheelchair and is showing his age. He’s either gained a lot of weight or was grossly swollen. Sad.

Rather than repeat the debacle of the candidates being called onstage one by one, they all filed out and then were introduced. They stood with hands over hearts while the National Anthem was again given an interpretation. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The Star Spangled Banner is an amazing piece on its own and doesn’t need any help. It should be sung the way it’s written without any twanging or, as one of DD’s choir directors referred to it, “scooping”.

Things started out rather calmly but it wasn’t long before someone got in a dig. It ended up with this screenshot telling the whole story.

GOP Debate

The three frontrunners (in case you don’t know, that’s Trump, Rubio and Cruz) were engaged in another brawl and, as one of my friends so nicely put it, “As an American, they’ve embarrassed me to be one.” Carson and Kasich stood at either side of the stage and looked on. They didn’t have dogs in that fight so they let the others duke it out. Later, I read Marco had won the debate but you couldn’t prove it by me.

Little substance was covered because the Terrible Three took up much of the time with their pettiness and name-calling. I’d like to know how they’d solve problems and what their policies are but, to do that, I guess I’ll have to visit their dot coms and I’d rather hear them articulate them — if they can. When given a chance, Kasich and Carson calmly answered but the frakas overwhelmed everything to the point I don’t remember what they said.

I was supposed to go see the pulmonologist yesterday but I’ve felt so demoralized, I went through with my plan to cancel. I left my phone number but I haven’t heard from the office. I’ll call Monday to ask about the results of my tests. They owe me that much, at least.

Up in the afternoon, I pulled out a new cannula and used the O2 concentrator until I couldn’t handle the plastic digging into my ears, especially the left one. I looked high and low for my O2 Buddies that are supposed to be used with a hat or a headband but could find them nowhere. They are still in the little bag but where is beyond me.

Other than that, I did the regular Friday chores. It was time to flip/rotate the mattress. At one point, I got stuck and I thought I might have to sleep in Mother’s chair but I finally got ‘er done.

Off and on last night, I was awake. I reluctantly rolled out of bed a few minutes after the timer dinged. Today was the first Sabbath our new pastor would be there. I fervently prayed I’d be able to play the organ without messing up too much.

HotHandsIt started out cold but I was prepared. Besides wearing my heavy coat, I’d slipped a packet of HotHands into my purse. Cuz had given me half a dozen packs. I only opened one half of the packet and that was after song service and opening song for Sabbath School. When I had to go back to the organ, I tucked it in my pocket and warmed my hands whenever I had the chance.

There was a baby dedication instead of the children’s story but all the children were invited to sit on the front pew where they could have a good view of the proceedings. The minister conducting the dedication turned it into a story and it was one of the nicest I’ve ever witnessed. He told what the baby’s name means and held her while he had the dedicatory prayer.

After special music provided by some of the extended family, the minister from the conference introduced the new pastor. He’s a very nice-looking man — DS1 says he was at the university when he was so he’s young enough to be my son. The talk concerned an outline of his life and what made them decide to come to this part of the boonies.

The services over, I went to the bathroom to have a coughing spell. When I got outside, the new pastor insisted on giving me a cough drop. Nothing would do but for me to take it. It was a Chloraseptic lozenge and it numbed me down to my toes (well, not quite) but didn’t stop the cough. I’d told him it would have to stop the cough in my lungs (or my esophagus) but he’ll learn in time that it’s chronic.

The dentist was surprised to see the bruise left by my visit a week ago last Tuesday. I told him it’s fading but he was concerned he’d caused me pain. Before I left, I had a short visit with his wife, too.

I’d gone to the car and was backing out when the new pastor came along. I stopped so I wouldn’t run over him. I guess he thought I was timid about backing out because he stepped back and waved me out while watching for traffic that wasn’t there. It was nice of him but I was backing out of parking spaces before he was born.

Getting home, I changed into something more comfortable and collapsed. Except for eating, feeding the Catz and going to the bathroom, I’ve done little else. The HotHands stayed hot until just a little while ago. I guess I got my 10 hours out of it. I won’t go to church after this without having one in my purse. With my hands warm, my feet weren’t as cold as usual. Bless Cuz’ heart! She does take care of me.

Speaking of Cuz, she took the House Sitter home to Florida and just got back yesterday. She’s supposed to be here tomorrow. It will be nice to see her.

Chris Christie has come out in support of the Donald and Hillary has won South Carolina. Next is Super Tuesday when I’ll do my civic duty and vote.

4 Responses to The Choke Artist, the Liar and the Unstoppable

  1. Lila February 27, 2016 at 9:59 pm #

    I’ll be glad when your medical problems are solved and you can feel really good again – and the sooner the better!

    • Tommie February 27, 2016 at 11:52 pm #

      According to the pulmonologist, there’s no solution — just decline. Experiments are being done with stem cells harvested from the patient but any definitive treatment is ‘way off in the future.

  2. Marie February 28, 2016 at 12:20 pm #

    Trump is a megalomaniac and a buffoon, Cruz is completely disingenuous and Rubio is a stellar candidate who tried to stay above the fray with well articulated policy points and cogent remarks. He has since learned that the only way to beat ‘The Donald’ is to ply him at his own game and expose him for the empty suit that he is… and a very dangerous one at that! Next ,you should write about the federally indicted criminal and the delusional socialist…. (I don’t know what the second half of this blog was about, but I hope you are healing and feel better.

    • Tommie February 28, 2016 at 1:04 pm #

      Thanks for the comments, Marie. I write about whichever candidates are debating or in town halls so it’s based on that schedule. I must say I miss Rand Paul. Kasich is very much the Voice of Reason but I don’t think he has much of a chance. Rubio is desperately trying to catch up but it may be too little too late. No one has been indicted. As for delusional, maybe that could be applied to all the candidates? BTW, I didn’t write about the debate on Friday night because MY schedule is blog posts every night but then. I take Sabbath off (sundown to sundown). The second half is about me, personally. That’s what this blog is about, generally, anyway.

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