And Then There Were Five

My post was cut short Thursday night because I was staying true to my resolve to watch all of the offerings of both the Democrats and the GOP. It was the Town Hall in Las Vegas. Both candidates made a good showing but Hillary did get booed once. She said Bernie hadn’t been a Democrat until he decided to run for president. When the boos started, she said, “It’s true! It’s true!” and, you know — it is true. That doesn’t make him any less a Democrat, though. A lot of people would say he’s farther left than Hillary is. It was an interesting two hours and I would have stayed up to watch the analysis except…

I had an appointment to go in for the BRAVO placement the next day. Cuz was coming to take me and we had to be there at 6:30 a.m. CST. That was 7:30 at my house but we had left at 6:15, anyway. That’s really early for me.

Cuz set the GPS and it took us right to the place. She did turn a block too soon once but was back on track in another minute or two.

The wind was about to blow us all away. There were several in the waiting room at the outpatient surgery center. I didn’t have to wait long, though.

The pre-op area was a large room with rows of gurneys. I was given a gown and some privacy while I changed. I was allowed to keep my panties and socks on but everything else went into a patient belongings bag.

The surgeon came in and talked to me. He’d called the pulmonologist as requested and said that he (the ologist) was glad I was having the BRAVO. They’ll confer later about the next step.

My vital signs were good. O2 sat on room air was 97%. BP was 129/65. My temperature was taken with a infrared thermometer. That was a first for me.

The fellow who started my IV had to try twice. I hadn’t had anything to drink since well before midnight so I’m sure I was a bit dehydrated. He did get it started on the second try.

At every step of the way, my armband was checked and my ID verified. The OR was small but well-equipped. The mouthguard I was fitted with was larger than the ones when I had my endoscopies but it was still comfortable. It wasn’t long before I was in LaLaLand.

The next thing I knew was the surgeon patting my knee. He told me everything had gone well. I have a small hiatal hernia but everything else looks good and there was no problem placing the capsule.

Someone brought me a bottle of water which I drained. Another nurse gave me the paperwork, a page for a diary and the receiver. She explained the different buttons to me but it took me several tries before I got them right. I was still just a little out of it.

After I got dressed, an aide walked me out and Cuz had the van parked at the back door. The wind was blowing so hard, it was blowing the door open.

We didn’t stop at Go or collect $200 but came on home. I’d already fed the Catz so Cuz retrieved the bowl one of them had knocked off the railing. She’d failed to bring the drill to fasten them down so I’m hoping they’ll stay put until that’s done.

She went home and did a few things, then came back to use the bathroom (the water is still off at her house) and make sure I was okay.

The diary has proved to be a pain. The first thing I did was make a couple of copies before I wrote on it. I’ve halfway filled the second page and I still have another 10 hours or so to go before the receiver quits recording. I have to push buttons corresponding to heartburn, regurgitation or chest pain. I’ve only pushed the last one one time and that was just a twinge. The capsule can cause chest pain so I wasn’t alarmed. I also have to put down when I eat, bedtime and record bathroom breaks after I go to bed. There are spaces for comments, too.

I called the center to make sure I could take my pain medication without interfering with the test. I was assured I could. That was a relief in more ways than one. My mouth was hurting worse than it had since the extraction. BTW, several people commented on the bruise and wanted to know if I’d fallen.

The rest of the day was spent diary-ing, eating, dozing and taking care of Catz. Oh, I did unload the dishwasher, too. Do I get extra points for that?

One of my friends from church let the assistant organist know I wouldn’t be there today. She was staying home with her sick sister so she wouldn’t be, either. It was going to be up to the pianist to do the whole nine yards and she doesn’t even like to play the intros. I felt bad about leaving her to it but I would have felt worse trying to go. Besides, I wasn’t supposed to drive for 24 hours after the procedure and not at all taking the pain med.

Church for me was a video of the male half of my Roadtrip Team preaching the sermon he preached today in real life.

Other than that, I’ve fed Catz and me, pushed buttons, diary-ed, and looked forward to the time this will all be behind me. I’ve slept a lot because of the pain med.

Trump has won South Carolina with Rubio and Cruz coming in second and third. The Bush Dynasty ends with Jeb suspending his campaign. I guess Kasich and Carson are going to hang in there. I haven’t heard anything else. As for Nevada, Hillary edged Bernie out for a narrow victory.

If I’m going to take a bath before bed, I’d better go do it. Goodnight to all from the boonies!

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